The 1 Reason Most People Don’t Succeed

Are you trapped in the same job, or maybe the same dysfunctional relationship, or even stuck in the same body because your brain is sabotaging your most important goals?

Even though in the past you’ve said… “this time, it’s going to be different… no really, IT WILL BE DIFFERENT! I’m going to win this damn time!

But after a while, that damn repeat switch goes back on, doubt and fear creep in, and you say to yourself, “who am I kidding; I’ll never get there,” and you just feel defeated?

The problem at this point is, you’ve read self-help books, taken workshops, and made New Year’s resolutions, and vowed to improve your life, only to realize a year later that your life is no better or even worse?

And the scary thing is when you’re 100 percent honest with yourself, you realize that if this continues, it’s going to get worse and the life you dream of, may never happen.

I felt the same way you do today. I read self-help books, took workshops, and nothing worked until one day everything changed when I learned the one key piece I was missing.

Why is it that what we consciously want, the subconscious brain sabotages it? The answer is simple, survival-mode is on, and your subconscious brain is working against you.

You see, reading all the books in the world won’t help you, that’s pure intellectual knowledge, that’s what you “consciously” want.

Before you can have it though, it must be wired into your subconscious mind, so you happily execute on your goals without doubt switching on survival mode. Knowledge resides in the conscious mind, and action, behaviour, and feelings are produced and reside in the subconscious.

In survival mode, the blood flow moves from the neocortex (conscious mind) to the hind and midbrain (subconscious) to prepare the brain and body to react emotionally. We no longer think rationally, we react with the emotion we’re feeling.

In a nutshell, our feelings are doing the thinking. And this is NOT your intuition; it’s survival mode. Intuition is on a different level than survival.

When you need to move the needle forward on your important goals, and the emotion the subconscious has imprisoned you in is doubt; do you think you’ll execute?

And if you do, will you execute with confidence? Probably not.

And if it doesn’t go well, the subconscious will subvocalize and say: I told you this would happen, I gave you that feeling of “doubt” for a reason. If you try this again I’ll make it worse; I’ll rise up fear!

Why? Limiting beliefs. It’s the subconscious mind’s job to keep you surviving. Period.

Most people can’t think greater than how they feel, so their rise to greatness feels hopeless.

But it’s not. You can win, and I will show you how. Stick with me.

How many times have you tried to achieve an important goal but you couldn’t think greater than how you felt?

The little voice in your head might say: Hey, you can do this tomorrow… today isn’t a good day.

Can you relate?

Remember, your subconscious is working against you; to execute with calm confidence, you must remove those limiting beliefs and stay out of survival mode. Survival mode IS the problem, when you lose, the subconscious wires in that limiting belief deeper so the next time you try, it’ll be harder.

It doesn’t have to be.

Here’s a great way to test your subconscious:
Think forward one year, and I want you to set a BIG goal, what’s the best life you could live? This could be a relationship goal or a fitness goal, or it could be a goal to 10X your life and go after what’s yours!

Let’s just say you know there is more to life, and you are thinking BIG.

Is your future self living in abundance traveling the world, and growing your business wide? Or are you thinking even bigger? What’s possible for you?

Now, what does the past say about your performance? Is there a gap you know needs to be filled in? Intellectual knowledge like mentors, books, and courses? You know the work.

Or is there something else? Like that little sub-vocal voice in your head?

What does your subconscious mind think? How does it make you feel?

Uncertain, anxious, fearful and doubtful?

Because if you feel any of those survival emotions, you have limiting beliefs that will stop you at EVERY turn!

In the US alone, as of the end of 2016, there were a record number of millionaires nationwide, according to a new study from Spectrem Group’s Market Insights Report 2017. There are more millionaires than ever before and marks a 400,000 person increase from the previous year, that’s about 1,095 new millionaires a day! And this trend is rising.

How did they get there?

They transcended subconscious survival emotions and conquered their limiting beliefs. What makes you different? The belief that you can’t, and knowing how to rewire your brain.

If you have those survival emotions flowing through your veins, you need to rewire your brain and STAT!

Because you can like them, achieve this and more!

Don’t worry about how you’ll create this new exciting life now, focus on rewiring your brain and take down those limiting beliefs, the how will show up on the journey.

The people who perform and achieve don’t live in survival mode, that is your only roadblock to success at anything.

It doesn’t matter what success you want, success in the weight room, success in the bedroom, or success in the boardroom to create financial freedom, it doesn’t matter what… the game is won in the mind.

If you’re letting your feelings do the thinking for you, your brain is screwing you over because it’s your brain’s job is to keep you surviving; your job is to expand consciousness and thrive.

And if you’re not happy and feel stuck, and you know there MUST be more to life, there is! All you need to do is get the hell out of survival mode.

But how? Stick with me here; I will show you how to get help soon.

Here’s the thing; we have two gifts, an instinct to survive and an inherent ability to, perform and succeed. I call this the Balance of Power. The critical thing to realise is this; they are two completely different physiological responses that radically change how your brain and body functions AND your state of attraction and state of being.

Ask yourself this question: is my life really any different than last year?

And one more: do you want more out of life? Well, you should!

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