About Mark Iron

About Mark Iron

by admin

It’s your right to live an amazing life.

A little background on me. I had anxiety, panic attacks, and was deeply worried about what other people thought of me. Hell, so much so that at 21 I had hair transplants.

Fast forward to early 2016 when I was 45, I felt like I was losing my edge; I’d wake up most morning not knowing if I’d have energy and motivation to take the day on. I thought this was “normal” because the gurus say to fight through the tough days, right?

Add to that, the current dogma is that as you age, you become increasing tired, fatter and your hormones move in the opposite direction of alpha, right? WRONG!

In late 2017 when I reached out to my mentor, he said, “Mark, if you’re having any more than a few off days a month, you’re doing something wrong! If you feel anxious, stressed or tired, there is a specific cause.”

I thought to myself, well damn, if that’s the case then I’m defiantly doing something wrong… how much progress would I make and how good would I feel if that were true.

Before my mentor helped me, and being trained as a personal trainer, I thought I knew it all, but as it turns out, I didn’t know much at all.

I reached out to a mentor, and he said:

“Mark, What you don’t know you can’t fix.”

He went on to say: “You don’t need elite genetics, and you sure as hell aren’t broken or weak…”

He said: “Your physiology is, and that’s something you can fix.”

And that’s what we fixed, my weak hormones and stressed and inflamed mind and body.

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