Beating the Estrogen Blues: How Optimal Insulin Levels Can Boost Your Testosterone

You know insulin, right? It’s the guy your pancreas sends out to handle your blood sugar levels. But pump too much of it into the system—it’s a different ball game. This thing called aromatase gets all riled up.

Oh and the system says your fasting insulin os OK above 5 on a blood panel, all the fucking way up to 24.9. That is ridiculous. You are being turned into an estrogen dominant man.

Think of aromatase as the roadie at a rock show, flipping testosterone—the androgen’s frontman—into estradiol, estrogen’s lead singer. If insulin is making that roadie work overtime, you’re getting too much estradiol hogging the spotlight, and not enough testosterone riffs.

This can slam you hard. For us men, too much estrogen is like hitting the self-destruct button: we lose muscle, gain fat, get man boobs, and well, let’s just say there could be a problem with the flagpole. Plus, each time your testosterone gets morphed into estrogen, you’re draining your testosterone reserves, amplifying these issues and throwing a wrench in your health, mood, and overall vibe.

Here’s where it gets fucking nuts. The system we’re all part of doesn’t really check for this. They draw your blood, tell you an insulin score between 2.4 and 24.9 is A-OK. I’m here to tell you—that ain’t right. You’re aiming for a straight shot between 2 and 5. Any more or less, and it’s like messing with the sound levels mid-gig.

But wait, there’s more. The system seems to be shoving men down a path that, if you’re not on the ball, can swing you towards estrogen dominance. I’m talking about stuffing down too many phytoestrogens—plant compounds that behave like estrogen in your body.

And it’s not just about what you’re eating. There’s a whole lineup of products, everything from your shampoo to your deodorant, packed with chemicals that act like estrogen. Use ’em without a second thought, and bam—you’ve just cranked up the estrogen concert, and the testosterone band’s left strumming in the background.

This is where you gotta wise up legends. Get a handle on what’s going into your body, whether it’s food, drinks, or even personal care products. They’re all part of the show. So, stay alert, get educated, and remember: it’s all about balance.

So, dial in your insulin, keep it in that sweet 2 to 5 zone, and let the testosterone have its moment in the sun. Hold the estrogen in check, don’t let ’em hog all the limelight. Keep your testosterone levels in peak form by tuning your insulin, and being mindful of what you’re putting in and on your body. Because when you give testosterone the center stage it deserves, you’re setting yourself up for the performance of a lifetime.

But here’s the rub. If you’re constantly pumping your body full of these fake estrogens—from your food to your skin care products, even your drinking water—you’re dealing your testosterone a low blow.

First off, these counterfeit estrogens screw up the machinery, making your body churn out less of the testosterone you need to feel on top of your game. It’s like your androgen band just lost its beat, the groove’s all off, and the music’s just not cutting it.

On top of that, the little testosterone you do have left is being transformed into estrogen by an overworked aromatase enzyme. It’s as if your star performer’s being yanked off stage mid-song and put in a different band.

What you’re left with is feeling like an old-timer way before your prime. Drained, weak, and not quite feeling like the man you used to be. The band isn’t jamming the same tunes, and it’s all because those mock-estrogens turned your testosterone concert into an estrogen fiesta.

So, stay sharp. Watch your six on what you’re consuming and using. Dial in your insulin to hit that sweet spot, right between 2 and 5, and keep an eye out for what might be stealing your testosterone’s thunder. ‘Cause you want that testosterone gig, that androgen show, to keep cranking out the tunes that make you feel strong, energetic and on point.

Now, I want to ruffle feathers, because it seems like there’s a vibe going around encouraging men to let estrogen take the wheel. To me, that’s akin to dialing down the sound at an androgen concert while the estrogen show gets to blast the speakers. Remember, it’s all about balance. Each player needs its fair share of stage time. So, keep that insulin in the optimal zone, aim for that 2 to 5, and let testosterone rock the house.

Bottom line: if you’re keen on keeping your testosterone levels up to eleven, you gotta start with the insulin. Keep your fasting insulin in that golden zone, and it’s like giving testosterone the best seat in the house to rock out.

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