Lets start the cognitive dominoes falling

New vLog here today, I hope you enjoy 🙂

The emotional state we’re in at any given time shaded our perceptions, thoughts, and memories. This is because neurotransmitters create the mood also fire with other neurons to create thoughts and memories.

The more that you are in a particular mood, the more prone you’ll be to be in that mood.

Think of it as a gravitational pull or an attraction state. The attraction pulls in your thoughts, feelings, and memories, and motivates your behavior.

Quick point, if you feel anxious, you have anxious thoughts. If you feel happy, you have happy thoughts.

It starts with neurotransmitters, then to neuropeptides which attach to various glands in the body to produces hormones, and that creates the feelings that create moods.

Moods if persisted in for over two or three weeks develop into personality traits, and personality traits are startup programs (habitual thoughts) via neurotransmitters to repeat the mood.

That’s neurotransmitters altering your mood and neural nets to

Biochemistry comes first, it drives behaviour powerfully. We MUST get some things in order to driven by passion and high performance.

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