Remaining calm in the face of adversity is a superpower.

How do you stop the brain from going supanova causing energy and mood malfunctions and also weight gain?

If you eliminate what I call “red stress” and then optimise [su_highlight background=”#f4ee03″]”yellow stress (pulsing hormesis)”[/su_highlight], you will become superhuman at the phospholipid bilayer – EXTREME cellular protection and enhanced cellular speed:

(Video below explains becoming superhuman in detail)

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Or if you prefer to read…

The question I continually asked myself back before October 2017 was:

  1. How can I wake up every morning and perform consistently with passion
  2. keep the system energized, and the brain focused
  3. the brain working for me, not against me
  4. and not giving a fuck about what other people think?

I found the answer, and as it turns out. . . you can’t perform consistently, or stop worrying about what other people think, if you’re unknowingly stressing your cellular city out because the brain goes into protection mode.


The brain goes hunting for “problems” not solutions. It closes your mind, all the crap you need to do OR haven’t done come FLOODING in.

[su_note note_color=”#f9080f” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]And so does our fucking insecurities. . . Red stress is the catalyst, and you’ll learn why soon.[/su_note]

If your mind isn’t open, it’s set to alarm and avoidance, looking for problems, not solution. . . remaining the same, not adapting and growing.

That’s not good if you want to succeed in a BIG way because your insecurities are front-row-center.

Unfortunately in this brain state, it goes into lockdown, running old familiar subconscious programs, it’s set to alarm and avoidance (more on this soon).

Realise this is a shift in physiology, not a character flaw, and you have the power to fix it. Period!

All your brain does is store information and keep you surviving, no more.

You’re not your brain, you are so much more.

Realizing this was the key to my success.

So I finally found a tangible reason as to WHY my brain was sabotaging my efforts, and for no good reason!

[su_note note_color=”#0967b1″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]Well no reason that I knew of because. . . What you don’t know you can’t fix![/su_note]

. . . I learned about the brains default mode network (DMN is a subset of 11 brain regions) and its inbuilt avoidance and alarm pathway (AAP).

It’s a struggle, right?

And I have a feeling you’re intelligent enough to know this and intelligent to realize that YOU can switch this off, as I have.

Question, do you have those thoughts that lead to battles of the will, such as a craving or moodiness; where did they come from?

Well, one cause that equates to 70% of this cross-talk is cellular stress as I have mentioned above; the research has well elucidated this profound fact.

Cellular stress activates the same stress response that mental stress does, alarm and avoidance. [Ref]

I was, like you could be now, fighting a constant battle with my brain, with a ball and chain around my leg, and a beer in my hand, and no mojo. . . feeling old and defeated.

I was on HRT to boot, and had metabolic dysfunction that ADDED to the load.

I was broken BUT thought it was me, a character flaw; I thought this was “normal”. It’s not normal!

What I can now tell you is this; it doesn’t matter whether your stressed about work deadlines or your cellular city is stressed… it results in mental stress.

[su_note note_color=”#fa5b59″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]It get worse. . . if you “think” about it, ohhh the irony![/su_note]

  • You see, every thought we have activates a cluster of neurons, they send an action potential down the axons to cross synapse that releases neurotransmitters.
  • If you keep reactivating this network, it becomes stronger because surrounding glial cell feed the cluster and it becomes thicker and stronger.

You could be, as I was, literally talking yourself into becoming the weakest version of yourself that just limps through life thinking, “fuck, I’m just getting old”. As I did in my 30s to mid 40s.

Don’t let this happen, if something goes wrong in your life and you make the mistake of making it personal, and tell yourself a shit story about “how it is and you’re old”, you’re dirtying up your beautiful mind with some dangerous shit.

[su_note note_color=”#fa5b59″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]Bottom line, all of our fears are self-created in this brain state. They from in the brains default mode network and are greatly amplified when the brains alarm and avoidance network is on. [/su_note]

You under perform, put yourself down and ironically, cause further cellular stress and make it worse.

It’s a struggle, I know, but it’s not a character flaw or poor mindset.

You can be back in your prime, and then you can most certainly get what you want in life!

All that’s stopping you is red stress, it’s simply a pathway shift in your physiology.

It activates the DMN and AAP and you struggle and put yourself down.

You lose confidence and passion, and start on a downward spiral that you may NEVER recover form.

But what’s actually happening is this pathway is creating metabolites to attenuate the cellular stress.

Result is you become tired, frustrated and want to go home to the cave and recover, right. That’s the avoidance aspect.

The alarm aspect is worse, it places everything you have to do, and haven’t done into your conscious awareness… sound familiar?

And you keep thinking these thoughts. . .

[su_note note_color=”#fa5b59″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]All you need to do is remove what I call Red Stress, and optimise Yellow Stress which is hormesis, this is what makes you stronger. See in the below image: [/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#0967b1″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]. . .What if you could stop this shift and feel energized more consistently?[/su_note]

You can, as I have.

Here is what I was able to overcome by listening to, AND THEN implementing the research that’s coming out now:

[su_service title=”{VIDEO 1} Mark Iron – From busted to superhuman
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[su_service title=”If you’d like to see the research that elucidated the steps to becoming superhuman, watch the video:” icon=”icon: arrow-down” icon_color=”#fb1211″][/su_service]

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Here is how you feel when there is no cellular city stress:

Your system is hot to trot! You are. . .

Energised and driven
Body lean and healthy
Focused with no sense of time
Passionate with a profound love for life
And you don’t worry about what other people think, you’re alpha!

If I have seen further than others, it’s because I stand on the shoulders of giants, the scientists!

I’m not a scientist, I’m 47 and a performance coach.

Everything I do is focused on the new research that is profoundly changing lives and it all started in October 2017; I was metabolically broken and DIDN’T know it!

[su_note note_color=”#fa5b59″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]Red stress was causing my insecurities and low mental and physical performance.[/su_note]

Here are three possible solutions, I explored them ALL:

[su_note note_color=”#0967b1″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]The Unfair Advantage placed me back in my prime.[/su_note]

This is ALL I do, work out how to energise the system to perform each day with passion and fearlessness!

The Unfair Advantage is what I do, it brings out the A-Player in you; putting you back in your prime:

Would you like to see what is stealing your energy, passion and focus away from building your legacy.

Allow me to be the bridge between where you are now, and the person you want to be.

Would you like to chat with Mark?

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