Can Testosterone Help You Win?

The Properties of testosterone and DHEA.

The V8 Hormone DHEA:

  • DHEA counters cortisol, it helps to keep it at healthy levels
  • DHEA significantly LOWERS feelings of Guilt, Hostility, Burnout, Anxiety and Stress Effects.
  • DHEA significantly INCREASES feelings of Warm-heartedness, Caring and Vigour R

Did you catch that? “Whereas cortisol was significantly and positively related to Stress Effects”.

Do you think that hormones are not influencing your life?

Understand, by thought alone, you can make of DHEA or Cortisol. That’s great news! The V8 hormones will help you feel like you can take on ANYTHING. And there are SEVERAL ways to increase the demand for V8 hormones. When you increase the demand for the V8 hormones, the enzymes and receptors go up too. That’s kind of like opening up the floodgates to a dam.

But don’t open the “dam” floodgates for cortisol, though. Because cortisol can make it seem impossible and make you “feel like” you will never succeed. When cortisol goes above a certain threshold, I class it as “dark fuel”. Because as you know, it fosters the ugliest of human emotions like self-doubt, guilt, anxiety, hostility, and burnout. I also discovered that while reading Behave by Robert Sapolsky, a Stanford University professor, it hit me hard! Did you notice how I highlighted hostility?

Cast your eyes below.

Dark fuel is causing so many “western” diseases, and why I created the Rebuild and Thrive Method. As I discovered this research, I started to think, was it “really me”, or was I being influenced by dark fuel to feel those dark emotions. A lot those “dark moods” I’d feel were largely influenced by too much cortisol.

By the end of the day, and turn into a jerk, and I felt justified to be a jerk. Do you think maybe it is dark fuel? Sometimes I wanted to be left alone, others I would complain and winge like a little bitch. And the reason is obvious, I had weak V8 hormones and too much dark fuel.

Do you have a strong urge to make the people you love feel appreciated and important? If not, why not? Does it seem like maybe “dark fuel” is pushing your relationship apart?

Professor Sapolsky in his book Behave noted that one of the most important things stress does is it decreases our capacity for empathy. Makes sense because we just don’t care. We don’t care what we say or who we hurt. We bitch and complain to anyone within earshot. This leads to self-sabotage and feeling regret.

When was the last time you snapped at your wife or kids? Was it in a cortisol coma? Very respectfully, and this will seem harsh, but are you just a nasty piece of work or has dark fuel eroded your good nature? I can tell you that your “pissy moods” are a result of being in a cortisol coma, and it is not your fault. I was trained as a personal trainer, and I had NO CLUE.

Dark fuel makes everything harder—loving relationships, feelings of well-being, and maintaining consistent focus and energy.

It’s emotionally draining. You flip flop between moods and sometimes relationships. I used to, and I thought it was ‘normal’, but it’s not. Understand, it is not you; this is how dark fuel makes you feel and act. We often say things we don’t mean, later regret it after the dark fuel is exhausted, and wake from ‘another’ cortisol coma.

The idea is that V8 hormones will mount an opposing counterattack to dark fuel. As my friend Dr Anthony Jay, PhD said to me, if your testosterone is 500 and below, it’s a big problem; better fix it immediately. Guess what? Most Doctors are okay with your testosterone as low as 250. The question is, are you?

As you can now understand, DHEA alone gives you protection against dark fuel. Add the heavy-hitting hormone Testosterone to the mix; you can walk through hell with a grin on your face, while other men fall to pieces.

Guess what? DHEA and cortisol have the same precursor ACTH. This protein hormone is produced in 40 pulses per day. R What do you want ACTH to make? DHEA or cortisol?I know what you’re thinking,“Mark, are you saying I can choose what hormone I can make?”

Yes, you can. You can make a mix of these hormones thought alone. You need more DHEA than cortisol. Did you know that cortisol rises fast in the morning? Cortisol wakes you up and surges for the next few hours. This is nonnegotiable, cortisol will rise at that time as it’s coded into your DNA. From that point on you can make more DHEA than cortisol.

The V8 Hormone Testosterone:

  1. SIGNIFICANTLY slows fat acumination.
  2. IMPROVES insulin resistance and raises glucagon and growth hormone.
  3. HAS A PRIMARY anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. SIGNIFICANTLY reduces fat mass. R
  5. T is a status hormone; makes you do what it takes to dominate your world and success.
  6. Lowers fear and anxiety.
  7. Increases courage, confidence, and optimism.
  8. Increases bone strength and mass.
  9. Increases muscle mass and strength.
  10. Increases sexual performance and fertility.
  11. Makes effort FEEL good, the holy grail of the person HUNGRY for success at anything they set their mind to.

The more fat you have the more of the enzyme aromatase you have.

Mark, what is the problem with that? Aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen and you become estrogen dominant. What a terrible waste. Not only do you have a body you feel ashamed of, but you also have more negative thoughts impacting your quality of life. You are trapped living in an estrogen dominant body. Do not sweat this, you can become testosterone dominant.

The exciting news is, the more muscle mass you carry, (with low body fat), requires more testosterone to be made. Why? To support and maintain your increased muscle mass. Meaning a lean muscular body is testosterone dominant. Cool huh?

I’m 50, I’ve been around the block a few times and I can tell you this, the mind will either set you up for success and wealth or it will keep you stuck where you are. Some days you feel motivated but, others it will illicit fear and doubt so deep in you that you won’t want to get out of bed.

As Marcus Aurelius said, “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”

Don’t believe your thoughts. They are influenced by cortisol.

Here’s the thing, you just think, and you think that’s you; but what we think and how well we think it is influenced heavily by hormones. Thought is an emergent property within your biochemistry. You will think different things if you have optimal V8 hormones that if you don’t. So how well you perform moment to moment, day to day is dependent on hormones.

Wouldn’t it be easy if I told you that your thinking was not fearless enough, and to go away over the weekend become more a more fearless thinker? It doesn’t work that way, as Einstein said, you can’t solve the problem with the same level of thinking that created the problem.

If you want to change how you think, you must change how you feel; and if you want to change how you feel, let’s get your testosterone to high optimal, sound good?

The first step is to remove estrogen mimics. There are two classes, estrogen like endocrine disrupting chemicals (EEDCs) and phytoestrogen from foods.

Here you will find a plan to eliminate estrogen like endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Life is too short to be estrogen dominant. Start by eliminating the EEDCs.

To your testosterone success


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