Tired Of Being Judged?

Right now our subconscious is judging, automatically and powerfully; that much we know through brain imaging studies, which I won’t drive into. You or I can not stop this, it was selected by evolution to help determine very quickly if someone is a friend, foe or weak. However, its interpretation is vague and quickly makes […]

There’s a big difference between empathy and compassion

I’ll always have compassion ride shotgun with me because it keeps my emotional energy positive and profoundly empowers others you encounter. Let me explain how. Now if you lead with empathy, we are buying into the other person’s emotional energy; the mirror neurons of the brain are lighting up emotional areas, so we feel what […]

Do you share these 3 mindset of the highly successful?

Question: Where do you see yourself in 3 years? If you don’t have these three powerful mindsets that all successful people have; not very far. The one percent (1% mindset) think in a completely unusual way; they share three basic mindsets. I’ll reveal them in this quick video. Mindset isn’t difficult, it’s the unwiring of […]

Michelangelo OR Picasso

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T26cM0iA528″] If you struggle with mindset and believing greatness is a gift; this video will blow your mind… To become wealthy one must have the ability to think what ones want. To think what ones want’s is a long step in the right direction of wealth. Every person has the inherent ability to think and […]

The Emotional Eating Cure

Do your clients have problems with emotional eating? Because if they do, that’s something I specialise in. Check out this video and learn more… I’ll walk you through 5 key principals and show you how to leverage your fitness business as a specialist in this very profitable niche. Remember, specialists, make more money and help […]