How to increase testosterone naturally. (Steps)

how to increase testosterone naturally.

How to increase testosterone naturally through elimination of fake little estrogenic chemicals. ➡️ Did you know that one way estrogenic chemicals lower testosterone by overexpression of the aromatase enzyme? Not just in your fat cells, but in all of your vasculature system. If you have inflammation coursing through your veins, testosterone does what good men […]

How to Optimise Brain Serotonin

Optimising serotonin is critical to success in every area of our life, and here is why: Everything below the line we lose, and everything above the line we gain. As we’ve learned, serotonin has a friend, dopamine, and both key executive neurotransmitters when optimised allow us to consistently do our best work in a state […]

Hamburgers and Cholesterol (what they DON’T tell you)

How does that hamburger become a cholesterol issue? Let’s begin by finding out how the “cholesterol” is transported into the body, and what role HDL plays. It all starts with chylomicrons—in general, chylomicrons carry exogenous (that hamburger) lipids (fats) from the intestine to the rest of the body. The remaining lipoproteins are involved in transporting […]

Do You Have Hidden Stress?

Hidden Stress In Your Body Is Slowing You Down and Making You Weak. This crap is in our food supply, personal care products and environment, AGE’s, ALE’s, pro-inflammatory foods, aldehydes, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), microplastics, endotoxins, carbon monoxide, pain meds, heavy metals, emulsifiers, xenobiotics, pesticides, preservatives, xenoestrogen and more. I call these hidden and HIGHLY […]

The Winter Diet

Is Making Us Slower, Sicker, Dumber and Fatter. Do you find it difficult to lose weight? Do you find it hard to maintain mental focus? Do you find sticking to a plan or goal difficult? Well, the cause is most likely the winter diet. I had the winter diet and had no clue. I was […]