Healthy tips when life is busy

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Tips for mental sharpness and mommy brain

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Looking back on 2018 + my goals for 2019

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15 Fitness Fads That Do More Harm Than Good

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Dr Amy B Killen Talks About Testosterone and Sexual health (2020 Preview)

In episode #9 of the Mark Iron Method, Dr Amy B Killen Talks about Testosterone and Sexual health in 2020 and what you need to do to increase your testosterone and improve your sexual health. I was blessed to interview Dr Amy Killen. This podcast is coming out soon. Dr. Killen is fellowship trained in […]

What Stress Is Costing You?

From a study: Psychological stress triggers inflammatory activity and cognitive changes that play a critical role in the onset, maintenance, and recurrence of negative thoughts. R Legend: PoD = Amygdala and the PoS = Human brain, the prefrontal cortex. Let me repeat that in a way that makes more sense: negative thoughts cause inflammation triggering […]

Do you get those unannounced survival voices?

Here’s example of unannounced survival voices. Their origin always comes from some form of stress; cellular or cognitive (thoughts). Hungry? Maybe it’s this. . . Lacking cofactors Low sodium causes a stress response and craving Personal protein threshold and insulin resistance causing brain energy crisis and energy storage malfunctions High juxtaposition of Omega 6:3 that causes low […]

How To Raise Consciousness: Intercept at the Junction point (Conscious Connect)

When one is driven predominantly by subconscious autopilot, they are not in control of their conscious power, and it fails to evolve. The junction point is the judgement point. If one relies on the quick savagery of inexact subconscious judgements, they make the greatest of conscious transgressions and are exiling the power of consciousness. There […]