Increase Your Growth Index for a Stress Response (GISR).

Your body has hidden stress, and when the stress leaves your body, it unlocks your Growth Index for a Stress Response (GISR). “Why should we pay so much attention to what the majority thinks.” — Socrates “Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”– Albert Einstein In 2016 I found multiple studies showing […]

Are you behind the smokescreen?

“Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”― Albert Einstein Back in 2016 I thought I had enough information to create a strong If you read my origin story in my book, you’d know that in late 2017, I learned the truth about my asthma, arthritis and up and down energy and mood. […]

The Stress Whisperer Lies To You

“The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”—Chuck Palahniuk We are here for a short time and a good time, so why not learn how to rev the V8 hormonal engine and feel what it’s like to have consistent energy, ambition and drive? To know what it feels like […]

How to Manipulate Hormones For Fat Loss

Step 1: Switch back on metabolic flexibility (Video overview below) Step 2: Make sure the 7 wheels of peak performance are working (SWOPP): Folate: Starts the performance engine and makes DNA bases, supports serine/glycine and Methyl groups Methylation: The engine that runs the wheels and works with the COMT, fat burning and 200+ processes Transsulfuration: […]

How To Manipulate Hormones To Drive Fat Loss

THIS is all you need, complete metabolic and hormonal synergy.[su_service title=”How To: The Steps” icon=”icon: arrow-down” icon_color=”#fb1211″][/su_service][su_vimeo url=”″ autoplay=”yes”] 1) The adipocytes three doors-men, one: lipolysis (output) door wide open and the other two (input) de novo lipogenesis and reesterification doors closed. 2) The chauffer (carnitine) escorting the fat from the cytosol into the mitochondria […]

When Someone’s In A Bad Mood, Here’s How To Handle Them

Watch the video and I’ll show you how to handle them: Better biochemistry builds better moods, better energy, better everything. Period! Bottom line: C-player physiology = bad mood, bad energy, bad karma. I used to be that guy, but no longer because I’ve got control of my metabolic snapshot! Biochemistry comes first, it drives behaviour […]

Nutrition Equates To 80 Percent Of Your Performance

>> Scroll down to watch the video Nutrition (food) is simply performance potential in the form of carbon, water, nitrogen, sulfur, cofactors… but all too often it’s viewed through the lens of mouth pleasure and emotion, which screws everything up. Don’t get me wrong, I love food and I eat my dessert but, I don’t […]