The Balance of Power Revealed.

Did you know that we have two brain regions with specific skillsets that power our day: the thoughts we think—the emotions we feel—and the actions we take. Announcing the President of Success (PoS) the prefrontal cortex (PFC). Research scientists such as Robert Salpoksly, a professor at Stanford University, say that when the PoS has the […]

How to improve influencing skills (First steps)

The game of power is frowned upon today, however, what I’ve come to learn is that people who succeed make it to higher ground because they have mastered the game. Successful people may appear to be humble at times, and even show weakness, but, these are all power moves used to further their success and […]

How To Overcome The Enemy Within

First, these strategies may appear to be about engaging others, however, when you read on, my hope is that you’ll have an epiphany as I had. We all have what I prefer to think of as emotional enemies. The biggest fear we face is worrying about what others think. There are generally three classes, family, […]

Words Are Like Weapons

Words have many spices such as good intentions, justifications, excuses and duplicity — keep an eye on the effect, not the illusory nature of words. Someone’s good intentions are often transformed into excuses, then into confusion and frustration for you. Laugh inwardly and base your next move on its outcome. A critical strategy is to […]

How To Curb Emotion Overflow.

The overflow of emotion engenders fear and insecurities, or its juxtaposition, the ego and aggression. All of which are precipitated by supplying too much emotion to that moment in time. In the heat of the moment, the overflow switches the intellect off by inhibiting the higher functioning of human achievement, the cortex. One must become […]

How To Master Emotion

What I’ve learned from reading many books, and working with a coach is that you don’t need to change much to secure a profound influence over your thoughts. It’s interesting, human emotion continues to operate as it has for many millenniums. While we have become more civilized, many do as I did, assume we have […]

“Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.”

Some of the inspiration behind this post came from my interpenetration of two book (see below) Enemies will aggregate around your skill and use odious power moves to downplay and discredit you. Enemies aren’t your worst threat, however, the real threat lies elsewhere. Understand, keeping enemies around is a power move; their slippery words and […]

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. … Albert Einstein” And so The Law of attraction works in the quantum field, it opens the field up which allows you to […]

HOW: 9 Stages Of Mood Program Your Personality

VIDEO: Press the play button: Thoughts create neurotransmitters, neurotransmitters create neuropeptides, neuropeptides enter the bloodstream and bind to glands. This stimulates the body to make POWERFUL hormones that produce feelings. I had anxiety, panic attacks, and high blood pressure because my cellular intelligence was inflamed. Our mood is tightly regulated by low grade inflammation because, […]

You’re Not Here To Be Average

You’re not here to be average, I don’t believe for a second that, you or I are given this life to just pay the bills and die. You should NEVER believe or back that thought. If you think of mistakes as seeds, and courage as water… then you have the ingredients for growth. The biggest […]