Why Tony Robbins Doesn’t Work For EVERYONE (And How To Fix That)

Have you heard Tony Robbins say, “Change your physiology,” or “change your state?” I can remember in my mid-20s when buying Tony’s CDs, yep CD’s, I’m 49 😁 I put them in that big CD player, Tony sure delivered, I was motivated; it all made sense, and I did change my physiology, but it was […]

Understanding Stress And Cortisol

Check out these two stress responses that the brain coordinates: The Sympathoadrenal Axis =  Primarily norepinephrine (noradrenalin) and epinephrine (adrenalin) as know as the fast track, you have NO control over this response. The HPA Axis = Mainly cortisol, as known as the slow track; you have an extreme amount of control over this response. […]

Why Thinking Positive Doesn’t Work.

This is something I know about because my physiology was producing powerful hormones that produced anxiety and panic attacks. However, today, my physiology is juxtaposed to that metabolic stressed mess. I’m living Better, Faster, Stronger because I learned from my coach How To Turn Hormones Into Powerful Positive Emotions That Fuel Elite Human Performance. Thinking […]

You don’t need elite genetics, and you sure as hell aren’t broken or weak!

I was reading a book called Evolve your brain by Dr Joe Dispenza, and he was talking about a region of the brain that’s speciality is performance. He said:“The prefrontal cortex is a cortical region related to the crowning achievement of our abilities in the areas of focus, innovation, creativity, speed and basically all human […]

Subconscious Success Quotient Predicts Success

If you think about it for a second, it doesn’t matter what success you want in life, success in the bedroom, in the boardroom or the gym… the game is won in the mind. The title is anecdotal because success is not something everyone agrees on or knows how to measure. However, for myself, it’s […]

Why Food Or Coffee Sometimes Fails To Energize

By taking in more food or coffee, you’re potentially clogging up the metabolism and causing inflammation. That changes the way the brain works, putting it into a state of alarm and avoidance. More on that here. By taking in that coffee, sure it tastes nice but it WON’T play nice in the metabolism. It’ll can […]

How to leverage the subconscious & Law of attraction

The subconscious autopilot. We have to leverage it. I learnt this little bit of a strategy from some of the top minds on the planet, and it’s ever so simple. Call it karma. Call it the Law of Attraction, quantum mechanics. It’s all the same thing. We have to, every few hours, well up those […]

High Performers Have a High DHEA Growth Index, YOU can too!

The transcript is below. Okay, where would you like to go from here? If you know you want help getting there ASAP, book a time to chat. OR DHEA Growth Index Video transcript: If you want to be a high performer, there’s one thing that’s paramount to your success. We have to realise, and this […]

How To Organise Your Thoughts: Eliminate The Sleepers

Step 1: Understand that there are two paths that thoughts enter consciousness. When the brain senses trouble in either one of the below domains, it must increase stress hormone production. Domain #1: Perceived stress, our thoughts. OR Domain #2: Cellular stress. In either case, the brain will increase the production of cortisol until the stressor […]

Cell Stress, Is This Happening To You?

Cell stress causes cognitive stress and leads to poor subconscious programming. Your subconscious mind is intelligent, and knows it’s cells are sick, so it signals neural pathways in the brain that lead to behavioural responses such as avoidance and alarm. Alarm & Avoidance: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5542678/ The subconscious has three primary roles, 1) keeping you alive, 2) […]