Forget confidence; it’s mere food for the ego.

Confidence or conviction. Which one’s better for us? You decide. Here’s my take on it. Under the flag of confidence, we want to look better in front of people, and I believe that most likely it’s our ego front row centre, and if we’d done it, if we think we’ve screwed up, one of two […]

How To Deal With Negative People, Including Family…

… Friends and your worst enemy of all, self-doubt! If a friend or family member questions your goals, they fear loss; they fear to lose you. You’re going to the next level. Realise that when you tell others of your goals or display your talents, and they question you, you’ve engendered their insecurities—you inspire not […]

How To Get What Your Heart Needs 💗

We’re biochemical in nature, the end result of the feelings created by neurotransmitters and hormones that are driving our physiology whether we like it, understand it, or not. What I’ve found is creating a positive emotional states that drive positive physiology starts with self-love. You can’t give what you don’t have. And the second is […]

How to increase CELLULAR speed and protection

This is NOT to be confused with a short lived thermic effect from supplements or exercise! This is what the scientists have uncovered that constitutively increases metabolism and protein synthesis; not just muscles, collagen, skin, hair! It also increases cognitive speed, memory recall and consolidation too. This research has been buried since the early 70s […]

You’re NOT Here be Average, Are You?

I have a question for you . . . Would you prefer to finance your life’s mission and build a legacy for your family OR . . . finance the war that’s playing out now inside your body stealing your focus, energy and ultimately, the life you want? It’s where your energy, focus and best […]

Is Mind Priming Possible?

Mind priming is indeed possible and it’s happening to you every day. Here I show you what the researchers say we need to do to protect ourselves. Mind priming has been well researched. Researchers have published brain imaging studies that shine the torch on what parts of the brain are active during these controlled primes. Very […]