Cell Stress, Is This Happening To You?

Cell stress causes cognitive stress and leads to poor subconscious programming.

Your subconscious mind is intelligent, and knows it’s cells are sick, so it signals neural pathways in the brain that lead to behavioural responses such as avoidance and alarm.

Alarm & Avoidance: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5542678/

The subconscious has three primary roles, 1) keeping you alive, 2) looking after cellular stress, and 3) learning mindsets to improve your life.

It can’t learn positive mindsets is this dysfunction. Think about it; the subconscious has set your brain to alarm, nothing positive there.

On the hot side of stress, alarm is either timidity and fear, or frustration and anger; this is what your subconscious is learning to do. Are you cool with that?

On the cool side of stress, it’s not pleasant either.

Stress is beneficial in the right context and quantity; outside that, it’s going to lead to poor performance and poor subconscious programming.

I’m not here to fix you because… you’re not broken; when you eliminate cell stress, I call the red stress, it LEVELS the playing field because you are NO longer handicapped by what I call the BIG three.

1) Alarm and avoidance – Leading to poor subconscious programming and poor choices.

2) Pregnenolone steal – MOJO clamp ON leading to weight gain and low-confidence.

3) Tryptophan steal – Energy and mood malfunctions, and importantly if you’re a CEO, key executive regulatory neurotransmitter depletion. Focus, motivation and drive OUT TO LUNCH financing the cellular wars playing out in your body.

The subconscious mind is doing it’s best to keep you safe; help it out by eliminating cell stress.

Imagine how much easier mindset training and life will become.

Eliminate red and level the playing field.

To your success 🙂

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