Do you get those unannounced survival voices?

Here’s example of unannounced survival voices.

Their origin always comes from some form of stress; cellular or cognitive (thoughts).

Hungry? Maybe it’s this. . .

  • Lacking cofactors
  • Low sodium causes a stress response and craving
  • Personal protein threshold and insulin resistance causing brain energy crisis and energy storage malfunctions
  • High juxtaposition of Omega 6:3 that causes low level inflammation
  • Out of control gluconeogenesis, the body using cortisol to make glucose under the silent Procrustean hammer of chronic inflammation
  • Mito toxins, convenience food full of AGE’s, ALE’s, aldehydes, estrogen mimics that crash endothelial function and more
  • Poor Redox Homeostasis (Antioxidant pool) REF:

Cravings are feelings sent to your conscious mind by the subconscious because it knows your cells are sick or lacking gene/enzyme fuel.

Your supreme cellular intelligence is sending you cravings (survival voices) forcing you to “hunt” to supply the system with cofactors to switch on metabolic pathways, genes and enzymes.

This will happen EVEN thought you have plenty of energy in the system.

Why, because your system doesn’t have optimal cofactors (vitamins and minerals) to power critical genes and enzymes. 

So you’re tired and moody. I’ve been there, not fun!

Oftentimes, we reach for more AGE’s, ALE’s, aldehydes, estrogen mimics which is not helpful; it adds to the cellular mess of stress, we have too much energy in the system, and we still lacking cofactors.

Would it be helpful to find out where these hidden cell stress builders are?

Have you used my performance flowcharts to trouble shoot this cellular mess yet?

SWOPP Performance Flowcharts

Anyway, cravings are… oh crap, I’m stressed and overthinking (Inflammation triggered Alarm and avoidance) REF:

Hunger is… oh crap, look at the time, time to eat.

However, under the Procrustean hammer of inflammation, you lose your money maker and pool of key regulatory neurotransmitters along with a critical precursor to brain performance.

Introducing BDNF:

BDNF Stimulates A LOT Of Cool Pathways
1. Fast growing brain and memory recall and consolidation
2. Synaptic connection strength
3. Automatic growth of dendrites for new learning
4. Increases molecular processes that sharpen cognition and memory
5. New neurons and glial cells
6. Eliminates oxidative stress and screens out bacteria
7. Consistent Pool of Key Executive Regulatory Neurotransmitters
8. Stimulates stem cells to divide that rejuvenate and repair both the brain and body

Holy CRAP batman, BDNF… you want some?

There are two ways to increase BDNF, and the research shows you and I how to increase BDNF by 43%

I believe that IS and unfair advantage, do you?

Eliminating cell stress is a long step in the right direction.

When you do, mindset is a cakewalk because, you have more executive brain resources such as GABA; and GABA helps you feel calm. Drug companies target GABA in sedatives, but it overproduces GABA, and the receptors for GABA decrease so it becomes and addiction.

Performance physiology doesn’t; performance physiology is an emerging and EXCITING area to invest your focus.

This is how you win the day, the week and can be in a TOTALLY different place, mind and body next year.

Consider investing in it now. 

The best math anyone can learn is how to calculate future costs of their current decisions. 

PS: Would you like to get a head start?

If so, book a time that suits you, and I’ll call you: Do that here

Mark – School4Success
Living Better, Faster Stronger. 

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