Do You Have Hidden Stress?

Hidden Stress In Your Body Is Slowing You Down and Making You Weak.

This crap is in our food supply, personal care products and environment, AGE’s, ALE’s, pro-inflammatory foods, aldehydes, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), microplastics, endotoxins, carbon monoxide, pain meds, heavy metals, emulsifiers, xenobiotics, pesticides, preservatives, xenoestrogen and more.

I call these hidden and HIGHLY inflammatory stress agents P2s.

Hidden P2s are coming into the system, causing inflammation and triggering your executive brain to go offline. The problem with inflammation is this—it’s silent—we don’t always feel it; we experience it as low motivation, low energy and poor moods when the system is cool. It’s insidious because we incorrectly blame ourselves and label it as a character flaw—it’s not!

When the system is hot, we feel it as stress, frustration and anger or feeling anxious and fearful. When the system starts to cool off in the afternoon, we’re tired and want to go home to the cave and watch Netflix.

Do you see a theme here? Are you stuck on repeat?

We need to eliminate hidden P2s, supply gene fuel to keep energy and detox pathways open, your brain unlocks.

Let’s have a look at these hidden P2s.

Starting with heavy P2 clamps:

The Winter Diet (Heavy Clamp)

  1. Slows the metabolism at a cellular level.
  2. Slows protein synthesis including collagen, skin, hair, neurotransmission, gene expression and more.
  3. Chronic low-grade inflammation triggering alarm and avoidance and cortical inhibition (A&A + CI).
  4. Higher cholesterol domain formation and poor cellular health.
  5. Difficulty resolving inflammation and pain. (resolvins protectins and maresins)
  6. Higher oxidative stress.
  7. Increased arachidonic acid (Omega 6 metabolite) which has been shown to be a potent cancer fuel R
  8. Hyperactive HPA-axis resulting in increased cortisol production slowing a process called fibroblasts that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen production, resulting in stretch marks, cellulite and saggy skin.
  9. Ironically causes glucocorticoid (cortisol) resistance and increased pain and inflammation.
  10. Decreases brain function by lowering dopamine and serotonin levels, long-term resulting in lower quality of life and success.
  11. Lower energy production and motivation.
  12. Places a constitutive clamp (always on) on your MOJO output, low libido and confidence.
  13. Difficulty maintaining a lean healthy physique.

To hell with that!

The great news is, leveraging biohacking will quickly resolve those P2 clamps, and I have the simple plan in my new book you can get now on Amazon.

(2) Sleepy and slow genes:

  1. Slows down the metabolism of stress hormones
  2. Slows detox and energy pathways
  3. Slows down the metabolism of body fat
  4. Slows down the creation of critical neurotransmitters
  5. Slow DNA repair enzymes and more. . .

(3) Personal Fat Threshold Maxed Out

  1. You have some form of insulin resistance
  2. Increases ageing increasing levels of AGE’s in your blood
  3. Chronic low-grade inflammation
  4. Difficult fat loss
  5. Poor metabolic flexibility and more. . .

(4) Early Onset Mitochondrial Dysfunction (EOMD)

In a nutshell, EOMD equates to decreasing energy and fat burning ability; becoming too old too fast.

Dave Asprey, in his book, “Head Strong,” mentioned that Dr Frank Shallenberger estimates we have 50-100% more toxins (P2s: air, FOOD, and personal care products) than we did even 100-years ago.

Dr frank also mentioned that 46% of people under 40 have EOMD. If you have it, it is slowing you down. In my book I show you what scientists say you can do to

(5) Unconscious Primes, PoD Juice.

When you grab my book on Amazon, I cover primes in the 9 stages of physiology and hand you my P1-Plan showing you how to effortlessly stop unconscious primes.

Even extreme metabolic dysfunction, like thyroid issues, can be resolved by leveraging biohacking. I helped a young dancer overcome Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that can cause an underactive thyroid. It was a six-month journey together, and she is now thriving at University.

How do we do this? All the steps mentioned above are critical, but what people must do with extreme metabolic dysfunction is a rebuild.

In a nutshell, your cellular intelligence replaces between 40-60 billion cells per day. Give them superior building materials, and your body and organs heal rewarding you by returning energy and MOJO along with healing metabolic dysfunction like asthma, arthritis and joint pain, as it did for me.

Did you know there are different grades of cellular building material?

For example, fats like the omegas are signalling molecules, and if you have a high Omega-6-3 ratio in your cells, you have the winter diet resulting in more pain, cortisol and inflammation, and a slower metabolism.

Let me quickly break this down.

Each of your 70 trillion-plus cells has one layer of protection called the lipid bilayer. One key component for cellular health and integrity is phosphatidylcholine (PC), and it’s incorporated into the lipid bilayer.

PC has the following essential roles:

  • The synthesis of acetylcholine is provided by phosphatidylcholine (PC) which is critical for higher thinking and executive functioning, learning, memory and the motor cortex.
  • It is the most abundant phospholipid in cells.
  • When you don’t have enough PC; neurons can lose integrity and die.
  • When we don’t have an ideal balance of healthy fatty acids; cell membrane integrity is also compromised; brain fog, poor decisions, memory formation (learning) forgetfulness and irritability are commonplace.
  • PC is needed for long-term memory.
  • PC repairs neurons and used as a precursor for acetylcholine.
  • Acetylcholine (ACh) exerts its power doing jobs such as stimulating the vagus nerve shutting off the stress response.
  • ACh is also neuromodulator, enhancing neuroplasticity.
  • If there isn’t enough PC, brain cell function breaks down, and we get brain fog.

Many people lack phosphatidylcholine—do you know if you’re getting enough choline (the precursor) to make adequate amounts of PC for optimal brain performance and health?

Did you know that a high omega-6-3 ratio is linked to many of the modern diseases promoting the pathogenesis of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, asthma, arthritis, cancer, and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases? R

Again, the most alarming piece of research I found was this: One offspring of omega-6, Arachadoninc Acid is a potent cancer fuel. Most people, unfortunately, have a high omega-6-3 ratio meaning more cancer fuel. R

These fats are building blocks for your cells, and if you want excellent health, a spicy libido, lower inflammation, healthy levels of cortisol, lower pain signalling, and high energy, you must know the correct ratio and how to do the rebuild.

I cannot emphasise this enough; every day, around 40 to 60 billion of your cells are being replaced. Is it time to start putting superior building materials into the system? What we put in our mouth ends up in our blood and become the building materials these cells are FORCED to build with.

A higher ratio of omega-6 equates to frail cellular health and an increase in heart disease and cholesterol domain formation.

Do you have the winter diet?

In the Leaver sections of my book, I’ll provide the current recommendation from published studies to help you get your omega ratio back to optimal levels. Feel free to reach out to me for advanced help at any time.

As you can see, we are quite literally building a straw houseor an empire.

If you take peak human performance and health seriously, you’re in the right place.

So, the exciting news is, once you’re into the rebuild, your amazing body can handle some mistreatment; however, first, we must eliminate and supply. Then you can have some fun knowing you’re protected.

Give you an example of acute systemic inflammation triggered by a P2.

In Cate Shanahan’s book, Deep Nutrition, she discusses a study where a group of healthy young adults were given an endothelial function test which measures how well their arteries dilated. Endothelial cells are critical for optimal arterial health, blood pressure and hormone status.

The scientists conducted a pre-tested of the group, and their endothelial status was excellent. The second stage of the test involved demonstrating how frying food in standard vegetable oil (industrial seed oils) affected their endothelial status. You might understand where I’m taking this.

So, they cooked fries in a typical fast-food eatery, and the researchers fried the oil in vegetable oil. Before they ate the fries, their endothelium dilated their arteries at around 7 per cent which is excellent; but after they ate just a small handful of fries, the effects of the industrial seed were unmistakable, there was almost no dilation!

And not just for a few hours, but for 24 hours—yikes!

That is acute systemic inflammation and cortical inhibition in the on position. A&A goes on at some degree, and we continue making poor food choices because the cortex and higher thinking are offline.

Scientists have proven that after this oil is bottled, it contains nasties such as ALEs, AGE’s and aldehydes. Moreover, this “industrial oil” is stripped bare of all vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamin E.

This is important: Your stomach acid decomposes the omega-6 fat linoleic acid to aldehydes and ALEs before being absorbed into the body causing inflammation. R

Why? It has been stripped of all vitamins and antioxidants. Plus it’s already packed with those nasties through the manufacturing process. All of those nasties cause systemic inflammation.

Now, ALEs (advanced lipoxidation end products) can cause neurofibrillary tangles in your brain, and other horrid crap like cholesterol domain formation. They produce aldehydes like 4-Hydroxy-2-nonenal (HNE), which are exponentially more harmful than any eicosanoids your body produces to fight bacterial infections!

This industrial seed oil might be good for your lawnmower, but NOT inside your body punching holes in your heart and brain cells!

When inflammation reaches your brain, your brain goes into lockdown along with executive brain function. The result might be brain fog and bloating. Or cravings and a pissy mood.

Now, your body has many problems it must handle before you get your brain out of lockdown. First, it must neutralise the nasties produced from the manufacturing process. Second, when your stomach acid turns the “oil” into aldehydes, it must deal with that too. Third, your energy is diverted away and again, your PoS is into lockdown. Fourth, your body stops making performance hormones. Fifth, it is damaging DNA and collagen leading to stretch marks, and it’s ageing you faster. I could go on but, you get the idea.

This cheap crap is in most canned products, mayonnaise, biscuits, chips—it’s everywhere.

What’s a safe alternative? I cover that in framework 1 of my book.

Herein lies the problem for the Government. Think what might happen to the economy if these seed oils were banned? In Australia, it’s a billion-dollar industry. It’s a hundred-billion-dollar industry worldwide.

My point is this; don’t get left behind.

I’ve learned that when your view isn’t mainstream the people who have been indoctrinated by mainstream dogma, unfortunately, feel their “schooling” threatened, and they will defend it like their life depends on it. Paradoxically, it normally takes a serious life-threatening problem to reveal the truth for them.

For me, it took a life-threatening condition that FORCED me to search for something other than old-outdated-mainstream-dogma. I had NO idea there was another body of research out there—neither did my ex Dr.

Inflammation from these foods takes years to become a serious health problem. Again, you don’t feel it happening; you experience it as bloating, low energy, low and pissy moods, or a headache and brain fog.

Most people call this life—most people write it off as a bad day—It’s NOT! Don’t be most people.

It takes a few decades before it becomes a metabolic disease, and along the way, it’s training you to be more like the PoD—don’t settle for that!

After manufactures finish with it, what’s left is pure winter diet promoting building materials for your heart, organs and brain.

  • Comes pre-oxidised through heat and chemical extraction.
  • Contains up to 5% trans fats.
  • Stripped bare of ALL anti-oxidants,  minerals and vitamins.
  • Creates a highly toxic metabolite called, 4-hydroxynonenal aldehyde.
  • Play a role in the onset and progression of cancer. R1  R2

Manufactures also bleach and deodorise their oils because—it kind of stinks—if they don’t.

Moreover, these poor seeds, before manufactures strip them bare of all their goodies, contain plenty of vitamin E protecting the fragile fats inside. Now, vitamin E’s only well-established role, ironically, is to protect the fragile omega-6-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) from decomposing into aldehydes, causing all kinds of cell damage in your body.

Nature puts vitamin E in those seeds to protect it, and food manufacturers say it’s okay to strip it out because it saves time and money to make. But hey, it takes decades until you need to rely on Big Pharma and blood pressure meds putting a metaphorical bandaid on it to “fix it”.

Amazingly, you can reverse the damage. I have the steps in my book by the top scientific minds on the planet. I’ve distilled their information into easy to apply steps.

Understand this; those fragile fats undergo further redox actions (nasty stuff) that cause more cellular insults such as lipid peroxidation binding to DNA and damaging it causing many cells to die, such as heart and brain cells. R1  R2  

Insidiously, we don’t feel it happening after feasting on the fries or mayonnaise laced with this “lawnmower oil”. The symptoms present later; feeling tired and irritable, bloated and “jiggly”, and having more cravings. Does this sound familiar? It does to me, and I LOVE my fries!

Seed oils are pure adulterated grade-F food because not only do they create nasties that destroy cells, including brain cells, endothelial cells, and collagen, but it also damages DNA, steals energy, DHEA and testosterone, and it’s a potent cancer fuel. Our food supply is contaminated.

If that wasn’t enough, most seed oils are packaged in plastics—meaning, every day it sits on the shelf, more and more microplastics leach into the oil and eventually into your body. Recall, estrogen mimics like microplastics raise sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), which binds to free testosterone inactivating it. Like a swarm of locusts—terribly wasteful.

The problem for most people is, it doesn’t show up until they’re 40 and older as serious health issues; but at 30, most people chalk it down to getting older.

Don’t be most people. Grab my book for $5.49 on Amazon now.

I’m 48, and I’ve never felt better—don’t get left behind—it’s your right to walk around leaner, smarter, feeling spicey, and healthy AF!

Bottom line: Hidden P2’s like “lawnmower oils” are stealing your health, energy, MOJO and ZEST for life; they are stealing your ability to focus and learn fast. Don’t settle for poor performance.

But, does this mean you can’t have yummy fries?

Hell no, I will show you how to enjoy chips and fries in the elimination framework in my book. It’s the oils you choose and the cooking method you use that’s the issue.

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