Dr Amy B Killen Talks About Testosterone and Sexual health (2020 Preview)

In episode #9 of the Mark Iron Method, Dr Amy B Killen Talks about Testosterone and Sexual health in 2020 and what you need to do to increase your testosterone and improve your sexual health.

I was blessed to interview Dr Amy Killen. This podcast is coming out soon. Dr. Killen is fellowship trained in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has done extensive additional training in aesthetics, platelet rich plasma and stem cells, hair restoration, bio-identical hormones, nutrition, fitness and sexual health.

Dr. Killen is the Medical Director of BioRestoration Medical, a busy clinic with a comprehensive, integrative approach to health located in Draper, Utah. She also works at Docere Medical in Park City, Utah with Dr. Harry Adelson, providing cutting edge regenerative medical treatments for a host of different conditions.

This is the Mark Iron Method Podcast 😁👊

Amy: Yeah, they and I read some similar papers. Basically the last 100 years, especially the last 50 years, since about the 1980s our levels, as a whole population wide for men, have gone down by about 1% per year compared to 1980. So we’re looking at about 40% drop in testosterone population wide just in the last 40 years.

Mark: So what impact is that going to have on a mans physiology? Is it libido, is it how lean they are, how alive they feel? What actually drives into that?

Amy: Yes. It’s all those things.

Mark: Right, I thought so.

Amy: It’s also things that are even more important. We know that men who have lower testosterone levels, they tend to have higher mortality rates in general. So all cause mortality is higher in men with the lowest core tile of testosterone levels. So we’re going to see increases in things like cardiovascular disease.

So heart attacks, strokes are going to go up. Generally, if you have low testosterone, increased diabetes, increased obesity, increased problems with mood disorders, depression, insomnia, anxiety, all of that goes up as you have lower testosterone levels.

And then certainly sexual dysfunction. So everything from low libido to low sperm counts and infertility are all associated with low testosterone. So it’s not something that we should just brush off as being like, ah, it’s no big deal. It’s kind of a big deal. It actually means that our men are getting less and less healthy and they’re more and more likely to suffer from some kind of disease problem.

Mark: Yeah. So you’re going to feel like a failure, you won’t be motivated, you won’t be curious. You won’t want to pick up that book and you have to have that hunger for life. If you’re not feeling motivated on the… and what I found out also is it a applies into you just packing on the weight, because it’s one, you’ve got low testosterone two, you feel apathetic, you feel anxious for no reason because it’s not where it needs to be. It’s something. What would be the first step if someone had low testosterone and say maybe they were 35 or 40, what would you do? Would you administer tier two straightaway or would there be another step in place there?

Amy: Yeah, I would. We start with lifestyle and education first. I think it’s really important to understand what’s causing it and try to fix that problem. Sometimes if it’s a pretty severe case, the levels are very low or there’s a lot of comorbidities, obesity, diabetes, things like that, they’re going to make it really hard to kind of get over those first few hurdles as far as lifestyle goes. Then also we’ll start with a testosterone therapy as well. But I really like to work with patients on helping them to lose weight, helping them to form muscle, making sure they’re getting enough protein and branched chain amino acids, getting enough vitamin D and other nutrients like zinc and things in their diet, making sure their stress is controlled.

Amy: There’s all these things that patients can do, but I do find that, like you said, some people they’ve gotten to this place just severe lack of motivation and severe apathy and they’re overweight and their joints are hurting and all these things are happening and they can’t get the momentum going to make any changes. And sometimes in those patients, starting on a course of testosterone, even from the very beginning, can be helpful to kind of fight that inertia as we’re working on lifestyle. Otherwise, it’s really hard for them to even make some of the changes I needed to make to move in the right direction.

Mark: I guess bringing it all home, what are some action steps that people could do to try and naturally bring up their testosterone in their field with hormones and things like that?

Amy: Well, testosterone, like I said, is important for men. It’s also important for women. And we haven’t really mentioned women, but they also have testosterone. Let’s not forget the ladies. Women’s testosterone levels are about 10% lower than men, 2% of what men’s are, but it’s just the same thing. So it’s important for libido, for motivation, for burning, burning fat and gaining muscle. And so it is important. And we also supplement women with testosterone if needed as they get older as well.

Mark: That was Dr. Amy and this podcast should be coming out this weekend, but there’s easy steps you can put in place to get your testosterone back up where it needs to be, where you feel alive, everything becomes easier. And as Dr. Amy mentioned, there are some serious health consequences if we don’t get this right, but there’s lots of things you can do to achieve that. And Dr. Amy goes into detail about what you can do to naturally increase your testosterone. So, look out for that podcast, It’s coming out soon. But I’d also recommend that you check out the podcast I did with my friend and mentor, Dr. Anthony Jay, PhD.

Mark: So, I’m trying to put out the good information. If you liked this stuff, please give it a like, comment below. What your thoughts are. Get involved. Take life by the horns and pick up the testosterone, the feel good hormones, DHA, all those things that make us feel alive, that make us want to take life on. Because live my friends ,is a gift. And if we can manipulate our hormones in the direction of now, high testosterone, high feel good hormones, higher energy, we’re going to do amazing things. You’re built for greatness. You know, this life, it’s yours. It’s yours to own.

You can learn more about the amazing Dr Amy here: https://www.instagram.com/dr.amybkillen/

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