Boost Testosterone And Energy By Eliminating Estrogenic Chemicals

Step 1: Check out this video to see a quick overview.

As I learned, the system has designed a lifestyle as a Trojan Horse to lower our testosterone.
– Mark Iron

This is step 1 of several to get your testosterone back to high healthy levels naturally…

If you haven’t left it too late. Ad Dr Ken Berry, MD said to me:

It’s often too late. By the time you’ve, you’ve become financially comfortable. Very often you’ve done so much damage to every tiny artery in your body, that you’re now stuck with permanent erectile dysfunction or permanent forgetfulness or permanent insomnia, permanent shortness of breath, chest pain, right, good issues, you’ve done so much damage.

Some of it can’t be taken back, but once it’s too late, you might regain a little bit of that function, but it’s never going to be like it once was, and it’s never going to be like it could have been.
And that’s very sad if you think about it, that somebody’s basically handicapped for the rest of their life, physically, or mentally or emotionally because of bad dietary decisions that they made for the first few decades of their life that they didn’t realize were bad decisions because they had never been trained properly.

FACTS: In the 1940s, our grandfathers had over double the testosterone as we do today for a man my age, 50. 1  2

Our grandfathers back in the day had an unfair advantage, they were physically and mentally stronger. They had plenty of testosterone. 

As science now shows, men today are being feminised by estrogen. 3

First, there is an over 2-fold drop in testosterone.

Second, as this study found 3, large increases in the amount of testosterone converted to estrogen under the action of the enzyme aromatase may also contribute to hypogonadism. 

I have discovered through my mentor Dr Anthony Jay, PhD that there are FIVE ways that testosterone is converted into estrogen. In video 3 in my YouTube series, I will reveal that. So consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.

Clearly step one is to eliminate the chemicals that lower your energy and testosterone.

First, categorise your life into segments such as kitchen, and bathroom and eliminate the nasty ass chemicals.

All the products I use are linked below. If you’re unsure just use the app above.

1. Detox Your Kitchen

  1. Purchase an under sink water filter
    1. If you are out, purchase a glass bottle of water, not plastic, whenever possible.
  2. Purchase dishwashing liquid that is safe
  3. Fry pans should be stainless steel, ceramic, or glass. Cast iron is okay for low use as it can cause too much iron to leach into the food you are cooking.
    1. Most non-stick fry pans will load you with chemicals, cause inflammation and cortisol to rise and stop testosterone production.

Do not use oven bags or aluminium foil. They are convenient, yes, but toxic to your DNA, testosterone, and energy.

2. Laundry

  1. Laundry detergent
    1. If you use standard detergent, you’re wearing sleeping chemicals. These chemicals are absorbed into the blood through your skin and cause damage and are stored in your body.

3. Bathroom

Approved Personal Care Products

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Shampoo’s
    1. Shampoo-Kids 
    2. Shampoo
    3. Shampoo 2
  3. Conditioners
    1. Conditioner
    2. Conditioner 2
  4. Shaving creams
    1. Shaving cream
    2. Shaving cream 2
  5. Toothpaste
    1. Toothpaste1 
    2. Toothpaste2
  6. Soap
    1. Soap
    2. Soap 2
    3. Soap 3
  7. Handwash
    1. Handwash
    2. Handwash 2
  8. Deodorants
    1. Natural Deodorant, Charcoal + Magnesium


Yes.  You read that right.  Of course, my wife and I aren’t really perfume or cologne users, so what do I know?  One major disclaimer: spray perfumes / colognes directly on your outer clothing and not your skin

This is the game-changer in terms of toxicity.  Yes – you will lose some of the “base notes” from the fragrance (from the oil on your skin) but it’s a small price to pay. Hopefully, in the near future, perfume / cologne companies will be required to list all ingredients so we can all make decent informed decisions on this front.

This recommendation comes directly from Dr Jay.

3. The toilet.

For now, all air fresheners are toxic. I have not found a safe one.

4. Detox your pantry and start eating safe A-Grade foods

  1. Buy organic where possible for now. It’s an A-Grade food. If you want peak human performance, this is non-negotiable for now. 
  2. If it comes in a fucking jar, a box, or a packet, it’s loaded with chemicals, food colouring, preservatives and other nasty crap. So, put that ball busting crap down; walk away knowing that you have dogged a bullet to your manhood.
  3. If it comes off a tree, the ground, or from a humanely raised animal, it’s good for now. Dr Jay and I will give you a detailed “food safe” plan after he has completed your genetic report.

The idea: If the food has a multi million dollar marketing budget, it’s toxic as fuck and an F-GRADE ball busting food.

5. Household products, bed sheets, and clothing. 

Your wardrobe and bedding: Yes, synthetic fibres are full of potential DNA damaging, energy lowering and testosterone crushers. It took my wife and me the better part of 12 months to slowly replace bedding and the majority of our clothes.

Use the 80/20 rule as a guide. 80 % of the clothes you wear the most, replace them first. No need to be too extreme.

For example, if you have an expensive suit, or your wife has an expensive dress, don’t throw it out. A little exposure is not going to cause too much chaos in your body.

Other places these DNA damaging chemicals are hiding:

Candle smoke, air fresheners, chewing gum, PVC products, building materials (paint, adhesive, wall covering), personal-care products (perfume, eye shadow, moisturizer, artificial grass, nail polish, deodorizer, liquid soap, and hair spray), medical devices, detergents and surfactants, packaging, children’s toys, printing inks and coatings, pharmaceuticals and food products, textiles, household applications such as shower curtains, floor tiles, food containers and wrappers, and cleaning materials. R

Candles are potently releasing estrogen mimics and DNA damaging chemicals into the air. Along with air fresheners.

The ONLY safe candles I have found are made from beeswax.

You can get them from Amazon

A hot car leaches plastics and chemicals into the car. 

Wind the windows down to detox the car.

Simple things like this add up BIG over the course of your day. Become a chemical detective


Everyday products EEDC/EDC’s are lurking in them.

Essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil are potent mimic estrogen. Moreover, they are linked to gynecomastia, YIKES! R

Do you drink tea? Some tea bags are full of EDC’s.

That’s right, check out this headline: Plastic Teabags Release Billions of Microparticles and Nanoparticles into Tea R Steeping a single plastic teabag at brewing temperature (95 °C) releases approximately 11.6 billion microplastics and 3.1 billion nanoplastics into a single cup of the beverage. Endure you do not use plastic tea bags. R

Some teas are estrogen and lower testosterone significantly. I will reveal those teas to you in later training. They are okay for the ladies, but you may want to drink coffee instead if you are a man for now. Ginger and fenugreek tea are ok for now.

Be careful out there.