RED-4: Red Elimination Diet

I have a question for you, would you rather finance your mission and success. . .


. . . finance the war that’s playing out now inside your body?

Because make no mistake, that war is costing us big!

It’s where your energy, focus and success and are slowly destroying your health-span.

Red Stress Course Opening 1st March:

Back in October 2017, I had TWO problems: One, I had no clue my body was fighting these wars and two, they cost to me was HUGE; asthma, allergies and osteoarthritis which funded a hostile takeover my MOJO: DHEA and sex hormones, which led to 12 years on HRT.

That war I was unknowing financing was sending me broke, by consistently crashing my energy and mood. I thought like everyone else, this is the cost of getting older. But it’s not, it’s the cost of not following the new research.

I struggled to repay the interest because aldehydes, AGE’s and ALE’s (explanation below) were unknowingly coming in and putting the interest rate up and up.

The lack of this knowledge was keeping my performance average, and I thought like everyone else, I had to struggle and fight to win. You DON’T, life shouldn’t be a constant struggle to win, cellular stress presents as low energy, poor moods and crap performance.

I tried that average crap for over 15 years for little reward; some people have a genetic advantage by having gene SNP’s (single nucleotide polymorphism) that infer performance, 99.99% of us do not.

Those lucky few seem to breeze through life why? Because they have consistent energy and moods that keep them focused and driven.

We must eliminate cellular stress to have the same unfair advantage. It’s not difficult to eliminate, as you’ll see.

You’re intelligent; you know that if consistent energy and mood are there, we’re motivated, focused and driven consistently. And if that’s the case, performance is paying HUGE interest.

You or I are not giving this life to struggle and remain average, to hell with that!

You, like me, are here to finance consistent energy, passion, performance and success to building a legacy for our families, not play average!

I had NO CLUE before October 2017, and what you don’t know you can’t fix!

I’m now off HRT, and the new research revealed to me the simple steps that cured my body of asthma, allergies and osteoarthritis.

Eliminating cellular stress switched my MOJO back on, by following the new research that isn’t mainstream yet.

The researchers say it could take a generation before it is; here’s one example:

Here’s the thing, to finance these cellular wars, the body diverts ALL its resources to creating metabolites to attenuate that stress.

It switches on enzymes that create Prostaglandins, Thromboxane, Leukotriene, Lipixons – it upregulates t-cell and neutrophil production. . .

I know that sounds geeky but, I need to emphasise where your energy is going and ultimately, how you are financing your energy systems to remain where you are.

Cellular stress quietly steals your energy to extend a mortgage you DON’T need to pay.

The interest is costly: your focus, passion and performance fund the building of what I call “red stress”, and that’s sucking the energy out of your MOJO, life energy and success.

The Pregnenolone Steal – No DHEA or Sex Hormones
Instead you’re financing: Prostaglandins, Thromboxane, Leukotriene, Lipixons – it upregulates t-cell and neutrophil production. . .

It’s unnecessary stress you can eliminate, and it’s not difficult.

If you keep allowing this to go on quietly, the stress will continue to keep your energy and performance low; as it does for most people.

You can eliminate this, and I’m here to help you do just that.

It’s powering DOWN the production of DHEA and the sex hormones (focus, performance and passion) and powers up the production of stress hormones (brain chaos, no energy and fat gain).

Realise, cellular stress will keep you playing the game like everyone else, average. Is that okay with you?

Back in November 2017, I found a research paper clearly showing that cellular stress causes our energy to crash, motivation and focus to go to shit, pardon my french 🙂

Cellular stress is what I call red stress, and it’s in the food supply in the form of AGE’s, ALE’s, aldehydes, estrogen mimics, microplastics, mitotoxins etc. . .

But also in:

Your body is at war, and it needs cofactors to fight each battle, and most people lack there too.

This war must be financed; it diverts energy to fight battle after battle. You will experience this as being tired, loss of focus, become moody and stressed.

Wouldn’t this energy be better-spent financing focus, passion, and success?

Moving up the ranks towards the elite how perform consistently?

And would it be worth investing the time with me finding out what these red stressors are?

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Course Overview:

The clock is ticking! I hope you’re excited and enthusiastic to learn how.

If you want to perform consistently, day after day, give yourself an unfair advantage to everyone else and eliminate red stress.