Is emotion good for entrepreneurs? Not always, and here’s why

How can you build big if it’s set to emotion?

You’re probably thinking about passion, drive and focus.

That’s fine but I’m talking about something that a lot more unconscious and sinister, and potentially why so many entrepreneurs fold in under 3 years.

For a lot of people (80/20 rule), they’re feeling the effects of the mid-brains survivalist: doubt and insecurities… leading to fear, anxiety, frustration and ultimately weak-low-impact decisions! That ain’t good for business.

On the other end, too much hubris ain’t good for business either.

As Warren Buffett said: “If you can’t control your emotion, you cannot control your money.

Emotion is important but there must be stress buffering, and our sometimes hubris head kept in check.

Three points:
1) Why you fail when emotional
2) The research and strategies high performers use
3) Getting beyond your emotions in business

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