Is Food Just Energy And Mouth Pleasure?

No, nutrition (food) is the key to unlocking cognitive and physical performance.

I have provided THREE videos below in an effort to bridge the gap

The first a short 5 minute video covering how cofactors and nutrition impacts your day, performance and personality. (More in-depth look covering personality here>> 9 stages of program your personality)

[su_highlight background=”#0379f4″ color=”#ffffff”][VIDEO 1:][/su_highlight] How cofactors increase speed and stabilize energy, mood and keep you calm:

[su_highlight background=”#0379f4″ color=”#ffffff”][VIDEO 2:][/su_highlight] How my nutrition creates a superhuman phenotype, AND creates an optimal platform for performance, cognitive and physical:

Salmon cocktail: Increasing protection and speed at the phospholipid bilayer.
✅This meal will add DHA to the phospholipid bilayer that increases cell fluidity (speed) thus cognition, metabolism (fat loss), and protein synthesis; not just muscles, also collagen, skin and the like
✅And EPA to the phospholipid bilayer that increases cell protection by preventing lipid peroxidation and cholesterol domain formation.

✅Big ass salad: folate creating DNA bases and spinning the methylation pathway
Selection of vegetables to up-tick antioxidant protection and detox enzymes.
Omega 3 enriched eggs because they’re packed full of good stuff, and the cholesterol signals satiety.

If you take out the emotion of food, it’s just carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, aminos, EFA and cofactors — and when it enters the guts endothelial cells, it’s not treated as emotion, its just energy and cellular building material.

Nutrition signals hormones and metabolic pathways; you can look at nutrition in three ways: energy, cellular materials and signalling molecules that switches on genes and enzymes to run metabolic pathways like androgen’s, DHEA and sex hormones.

[su_note note_color=”#177ef5″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]Food isn’t religion, its performance.[/su_note]

What you put in your mouth over the preceding week is either powering up performance or it’s not; it’s either creating cellular stress and stress hormones.

OR you’re pumping out DHEA, sex hormones and upticking antioxidant pathways.

If you want to perform consistently in 2019, supply what your cellular intelligence needs, and you will.

🔑The meals I eat will benefit my performance and health span — over a month you can feel the uptick in passion and performance.

[su_highlight background=”#0379f4″ color=”#ffffff”][VIDEO 3:][/su_highlight] How cofactors effect pathways and like antioxidant protection and DNA bases:

Interested in a blueprint and an app to make this easy?

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