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DHEA Growth Index Video transcript:

If you want to be a high performer, there’s one thing that’s paramount to your success. We have to realise, and this took me the longest time. I used to believe in the woo-woo stuff and meditation and all that. Please don’t get me wrong here.

That stuff is certainly beneficial. There’s lots of research behind it, myelination. It puts the brakes on the amygdala, and it powers up the ventral medial prefrontal cortex by increasing myelination there. Absolutely, it works, but it is not the first domain that we have to conquer.

We have to conquer our physiology, because we are biochemical in nature. It’s that simple. Neurotransmitters go to a region of the brain, and they’re packaged up into neuropeptides.

These neuropeptides enter the bloodstream and hit hormonal glands throughout the body. That’s the emotion that we feel. It’s very physical. I mean, if you’ve ever had anxiety, you can feel that shit. Right? If you get angry, you can feel that shit. If you get excited … You get the point. You feel it. Okay?

The same is true of any emotion that we feel, and it’s all biochemical. Neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, hormones. We have to, right, give ourselves an unfair advantage in that being, controlling that most of the time, so there’s two domains that we focus on.

Clearly mindset, but that’s not the first domain.

When you get the what I’m going to speak about, harmonised, mindset levels out. It’s very easy to train in mindsets, and there’s only a few strategies that we can, that you use to do that.

I mean, it’s really simple when you fix your physiology. All right? It all starts with this one simple concept that neuroscientists have uncovered, which is the DHEA growth index. Okay? They have tested this in academics. They have tested this in the military.

When you have a higher DHA, right, to cortisol, that’s beautiful. That’s how you thrive. I won’t drive into one, but if you want to take the next step, there’ll be some information below. Take it, because if you want to perform, and you know you don’t want to wake up at 60 and be full of cortisol and have hardly any DHEA, which is a neural steroid for the brain, this is how you win.

I’m 47. I know this all too well. This changes the game. It levels the playing field, so read the information … Information. Read the information below, and don’t wait. Take action now, because action is what the high performers always take.

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