The Androgenic Method

Attn: Men Who Want To Increase Their Energy, Earning Potential, And Masculinity…

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The Androgenic Method

The System Broke Your Energy, Courage & Masculinity.

“The devil whispers you cannot withstand the storm. The warrior replies I am the storm.” —Unknown

It’s time to protect your masculinity and earning potential for life. Right now, you could be missing out; your V8 hormones might be coughing and spluttering. As a result, you have become so used to living with scattershot energy, you have no clue that you are missing out. But first, understand this. You have been lied to, and the “system” is okay with you having low energy, courage, and influence. Dr Ken Berry, MD is a world-respected authority in nutrition and hormones. We have had a chat about the “system”, here is an excerpt.

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Are you going to let your V8 hormones slide along with a lean muscular physique, energy, and courage?

Is it a stupid idea to think you cannot get your V8 hormones flowing? I did, and I was on TRT.

My client Kev did, and he was also on TRT and successfully got off.

My youngest client Corey did. Is it time you did?

Very respectfully, are you okay with average or low V8 hormones?

Welcome to the Androgenic Method. I’m Mark Iron. I help entrepreneurs get more energy, courage, and masculinity, to go after “it”. What is “it”? Whatever the hell you want, that’s what it is. And in little as 6-weeks.

Listen, who cares what the damn “system” has done. We can create our own success, but first, we need to get V8 enhanced, and it is NOT difficult. I am 50 in July, and I’ve been around the block a few times. I can tell you this, I discovered from my friend and mentor, Dr Anthony Jay, who did his PhD on sex hormones and cholesterol. Our grandfathers back in the 1940s enjoyed an average level of Testosterone of around 800 ng/dL. However, today this average level has plummeted over 2-fold to 350, even 250. As soon as I heard that, red flags began popping up in my head.

Before I spoke with Dr Jay, I was still not V8 enhanced. I am grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such a world-respected authority.

On my podcast, Dr Jay also noted that if a man’s Testosterone is at 500 and below, that’s a big problem; better fix it. The reason is obvious, Testosterone is a hard-hitting hormone in many areas of your life. You want to be Testosterone optimised.

Understand, it is not your fault. The system bankrupted your V8 hormones leaving you in the dark feeling insecure—struggling to be the strong lean muscular man you were born to be.

It starts in your 20s, and by your 30s, you will be feeling it. Sure, you can get on TRT, but as I learned, you can still have low sexual performance and testosterone resistance. Meaning it’s a waste of your coin. More concerning, on TRT, my hematocrit was high, which means that you have more red blood cells than what is considered healthy. I knew I needed to get off TRT, but I did not think it was even possible. But I got off it without too much trouble. I help men come off TRT and become a fully self-contain V8 machine, as they should be.

There are many reasons why your V8 hormones are going bankrupt, and that’s a good thing. Why? Because when you learn the 3-main causes they are going bankrupt, you will understand how damn easy it is to fix and become “V8 Enhanced” for life! You won’t need to take any fancy “testosterone boosters” either. 

As my coach said to me in late 2017: Mark, if you’re having any more than a few off days a month, you’re doing something wrong, and you can fix that. There is always a specific cause as to why your energy went to shit. Re-open your energy pathways, and keep them fueled 24/7, and YOU WILL have energy. Energy to make V8 hormones and create a life of freedom. Free from dark fuel and self-sabotage to build a legacy for your family.

Grab my book today. The Androgenic Method

You’re Not Weak, Your Hormones Are.

—Mark Iron