How The System Broke You!

Your body has hidden stress, and when the stress leaves your body, it unlocks your life.

In my book you will learn how biohacking cures an anxious or angry brain AND, it unlocks your life. How biohacking cures metabolic dysfunction such as asthma and allergies — joint pain and arthritis — poor memory and brain fog.

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In my book you will learn that anxiety DOES NOT require a “magic pill”, and going back on an archaeological dig of the past only strengthens your fears and anxieties.

Biohackers look to the current published scientific research on peak human performance, health and longevity.

Biohacking is being leveraged by top CEO’s and Entrepreneurs, Olympians and elite forces such as the Navy Seals. Are you leveraging biohacking? Or are you being left behind like most people?

Understand this; you don’t need “fixing” because—you’re NOT broken—the system broke you, and you can rebuild yourself as I have.

Back in October 2017, I believed I was going to die of an asthma attack. My Pop passed from an asthma attack. When I discovered that there were multiple published studies that cures asthma, I was pissed. What I found would have saver my Pops life, and I know it saved mine.

In my book, I show you how to cure asthma naturally.

Here’s the issue, there are two authorities out there. One keeps us average and weak, while the other lays out in practical steps how you and I can perform as the one per cent do.

Authority 2 the Laggards: Meet the Government-run system, forcing old science down our throat, literally; going back as far as the sixties. Is it all bad? I don’t believe it is; however, because of it, I slowly developed high blood pressure, asthma, allergies, arthritis and other issues that stemmed from its procrustean outdated 20th-century science.

You might say I’m a little pissed about it; you’d be right. You will soon feel the same way as I place the evidence on the table.

Authority 1 the Innovators: Meet the top scientific minds on the planet such as Dr William Lands (pictured below), lipid expert. With their help, I was able to overcome all the metabolic dysfunction I was told was (a) “normal”,  and (b) the hidden stress I had no clue I had. As a result, it unlocked my energy, mind and life.

I’m here to show you that you’re not anxious, average, or weak.

Biohacking saved my life, and as we move through this section, you’ll see why.

Midway through this section, you’ll learn why the Government insists you have low cholesterol. For the Government, it’s a simple math problem, beware, however, it’s a smokescreen. The lipids scientists say it’s bad science dating back to the 60s. Cholesterol isn’t the problem, hidden P2s stressing your cells are. (covered soon)

In a book by Susan Allport called The Queen of Fats, she mentioned that the scientists (including Lands) who worked with omega-3 fats have different ideas as to why the government and health officials are taking so long to digest the new information. One scientist said it’s a matter of economics; so the signal to noise ratio is almost 0—meaning you either have to have a major metabolic malfunction to hear the signal—or lucky enough to hear the signal over mainstream dogma and pay attention to it before it becomes a major metabolic malfunction as it did for me.

Did you know that if you have a high ratio of omega-6-3, (omegas are essential fatty acids), it inflames your brain? Yep, scientists like Lands show in studies that not only does a high ratio inflame the brain, but it makes the brain angry or anxious by default, and a brain that underperforms.

A study over 39 years demonstrated with a higher omega-6-3 ratio also accompanied some pretty poor attitudes. Makes sense, right? If our brain is inflamed and angry, our behaviour must follow.

An excerpt from this study will shock you: “Greater apparent consumption of linoleic acid (omega-6) correlated with higher rates of homicide mortality over a 20-fold range (0.51-10.2/100,000) across countries and time in an exponential growth regression model (r = 0.94, F = 567, P < 0.00001)”. 1

That is shocking and reveals how far the Government is lagging with its outdated guidelines. They’re still using 20th-century research that is scientifically flawed.

The most alarming piece of research I found was this: An offspring of omega-6, arachadoninc acid, is a potent cancer fuel. Most people, unfortunately, have a high omega-6-3 ratio resulting in higher cancer risk. R

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