How To Deal With Negative People, Including Family…

… Friends and your worst enemy of all, self-doubt!

If a friend or family member questions your goals, they fear loss; they fear to lose you. You’re going to the next level.

Realise that when you tell others of your goals or display your talents, and they question you, you’ve engendered their insecurities—you inspire not excitement, but fear and loss.

You’re best off in this situation to keep your moves and intentions to yourself, for now.

Because if you don’t, you’ll be entangled in arguments weakening your passion, wearing you down, and wasting your time and energy.

Now, onto negative people.

Insight 1: If they’re on your mind when you have left the encounter, you have given them reality and credibility.

Insight 2: They have power over you to weaken your resolve, question your ability and take up residence in your mind.

Instead, show utter disdain, what you talk or argue about you give credence and power to.

When you ignore their offensive comment, it’s good as dead. No power or credence over you.

You could say:
What is your goal with that comment? To compare brain pans? To get a reaction out of me?
I’m going to give that comment the respect it deserves. Utter disdain; have a good life.

When you explain yourself, you’ve lost your power; instead, think two moves ahead; deal card with few choices; be enigmatic, and never expound; demonstrate.

So, keep your moves silent, aggregate knowledge, and hand that knowledge over to the subconscious as a skill, and you will achieve your most important goals.

Skill increase confidence and KOs insecurities. Keep your moves silent and never stop learning.

Invest your energy in books, coaches, mentors and events—online courses are problematic, as Tony Robbins will tell you, 78% of people don’t finish them.


Living Better, Faster, Stronger Is My Game!

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