How To Get What Your Heart Needs πŸ’—

We’re biochemical in nature, the end result of the feelings created by neurotransmitters and hormones that are driving our physiology whether we like it, understand it, or not.

What I’ve found is creating a positive emotional states that drive positive physiology starts with self-love. You can’t give what you don’t have.

And the second is understanding that you can position your philology whereby you have a stronger hormonal starting base (DHEA:Cortisol ratio) that DO create stronger and more resilient emotional states that persist.

This powerful emotional state is joined through self-love and thriving cellular intelligence.

I like to think of my body as a gift from my mum, and I’ll be DAMNED if I’m going to let it suffer! 

Thank you mum πŸ’—

So to honor my mum’s blessing, I always look to scientists research, and with their knowledge, I’ve been able to drive my physiology with bold courage that serves my life’s mission when I:

1) Understand that self-love isn’t selfish because you can give what you don’t have

2) We can have an unfair advantage by loving our cellular intelligence and giving it what it needs to thrive.

Realise that we must help our cellular intelligence thrive because for the most part, THEY call the shots when it comes to emotional states:

This is how I thrive:

Step 1: Increase your DHEA growth index (DHEA to Cortisol ratio, simple steps)

Step 2: Remove the clamps OFF androgen production by optimising the 4 main hormonal systems.

Step 3: ELIMINATE Performance Sleepers (Formally Red Stress) that only hurt your cellular intelligence.

Using The Following Systems:

Protocol One: 3 Week Sleeper Elimination

Protocol One: 12 Week Cellular Rebuild (12-CR)

Existing Patreons, I will be giving you a blueprint to eliminate the sleepers in the form of an update over the weekend  πŸ˜ƒ 

The 12 week rebuild currently only available to people what pass my 12-CR test because one size DOES NOT fit all.

Contact me for detail about the 12-CR if interested πŸ˜ƒ

Would you like to get what you want?

If so, consider joining the community now, and you’ll have immediate access to 18 private community member videos that show you the sleepers.

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Much Love,

Mark – School4Success

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