How To Master Emotion

What I’ve learned from reading many books, and working with a coach is that you don’t need to change much to secure a profound influence over your thoughts.

It’s interesting, human emotion continues to operate as it has for many millenniums. While we have become more civilized, many do as I did, assume we have more control over those dark emotions.

To the wise, they realise that the single most critical skill that can developed is mastering emotion.

Understand that in this world, you don’t obtain power by a flip of the coin.
You begin to obtain power when you have mastery over emotion because you can better direct its power and influence.

If you also add the ability to read peoples hidden motives that would otherwise have power to influence you, you’re many steps ahead of them, blocking danger from all angles giving you supreme confidence in your day to day dealings with people.

Emotional energy pays our way through life, is yours powerfully helping you, or are you flipping the coin?

Mastery will make you a better thinker, friend, husband, dad, wife, mum and leader.

Mastering emotion is critical; giving you more influence over people, situations and outcomes to achieve your most important goal.

Herein are The 5 Laws of Mind:

1) How to never take things personally.

Dwelling on emotional hurt weakness and wears us down. 

Never allow emotion to muddy the mind because emotion creates turbulent water; you become caught in the turbulence, and your energy and passion drown.

An emotional reaction costs more than the temporary gratification you believe you’ve gained; for it muddies the mind, and people lose respect for you.

2) How to think objectively; not the muddy waters of emotion.

Thinking objectively powers the cortex, our intellect, and creates solutions.

However, from emotion, it engenders fear and insecurities, or the ego that shuts the cortex off cold.

3) Mastery of patience; the personal shield that protects you from making foolish mistakes.

Mastering patience places a break on temptation and stopping emotional reactions.

You’re now trained to remain calm and see far into the future.

You know the power moves that could stop you; you are many steps ahead, and when it’s time to move, you do with influence and force.

The world makes room for you.

4) Emotional enemies; how to deal with them.

The light touch; the velvet glove: As great thinkers of the past have said, to influence, we must sometimes use an iron-fist; but before we do, put on a velvet glove.

With this light touch, they won’t realise you’ve done anything at all.

The heavy hand; gloves off: How to block verbal punches using a simple 2 and 4 step framework to strengthen your confidence dealing with people.

You’ll leave people speechless, and feel supreme confidence in your day to day dealings with people using simple one liners.

5) Use the power of thin slicing; seeing beyond the visible.

Instead of struggling in turbulent water, it’s far better to better to control and direct its power by thin slicing people and experience.

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