How To Raise Consciousness: Intercept at the Junction point (Conscious Connect)

When one is driven predominantly by subconscious autopilot, they are not in control of their conscious power, and it fails to evolve.

The junction point is the judgement point. If one relies on the quick savagery of inexact subconscious judgements, they make the greatest of conscious transgressions and are exiling the power of consciousness.

There is no substitute for gathering accurate conscious knowledge; this is acquired at the junction point.

The Conscious Connect, is the junction between subconscious and consciousness operation; the point where consciousness can step in and take control.

If you want power, you must learn how to take control of this most important junction.

Portals to Power: First, our subconscious mind reads others vibes or feeling, and sends them to you in a vague and quick thin-slice packaged up in a feeling, a judgement.

You see, through millions of years of evolution the subconscious scans the face for subtle nuances, the posture to see if it’s aggressive, weak or friendly, and tonality of voice, and appearance or stereotyping.

The subconscious quickly extrapolates from the data, then unconsciously triggers our brains spindle cells working in tandem with its social regions to make an automatic snap judgement.

Is this a friend, foe or someone who is weak?

It’s a crude and savage interpretation from primal regions of the brain.
This is where the handing over to the conscious mind must take place if one wants to evolve their consciousness.

I have a book coming out soon, two weeks from this post date the show you in steps how to take control at the junction point.

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