How To Stop Going Bald Early

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The body must be methylating. That’s a fancy way of saying that you are eating nutrient-dense foods to keep your body’s metabolic pathways working 24/7.

People who are poor methylators can go bald faster and earlier than they should. Video explanation above of how that happens.

What is methylation?

Methylation is a mitochondrial process that occurs a billion times every second. During methylation, a single carbon and three hydrogen atoms (known as a methyl group) are added to another molecule.

This relatively simple process controls your fight-or-flight response, sleep hormone levels, detoxification process, inflammatory response, gene expression, DNA bases, neurotransmitters, immune response, fat metabolism, energy production and hormone production.

And it makes cell membranes, including the precious mitochondrial membrane that holds your electron transport system.

The methylation process also creates amino acids—critical elements of cellular energy production and building proteins—and the ADP that your body converts to ATP.

If your methylation process is impaired, so is your body’s energy and hormone production.To make matters worse, your body needs ATP in order to methylate. This is yet another vicious cycle: you need ATP to methylate, and you need to methylate to make ATP.

Here is the list of vitamins and minerals for The Pathways of Defense that keep methylation running

  • Superoxide dismutase (SOD1,2,3) = Mn, Cu, Zn
  • Catalase = Cu, Fe and NADP system (Ketones increase the power)
  • Glutathione = Methylation and folate pathway running, B6, Mg, Selenium, FAD and the NADPH system operational

Let’s briefly explore the three antioxidant players in our body, starting with the mitochondria and their own form of superoxide dismutase (mnSOD).

Every time we breathe, we produce free radicals called superoxide, and it’s nasty stuff; however, if we have ample supplies of gene fuel, our genes and enzymes take care of those free radicals before they can punch holes in our cells causing DNA damage and inflammation. Again, this isn’t something you feel; it’s experienced as low mood and energy.

Moving forward, aconitase is an enzyme in the mitochondrial TCA cycle, during respiration (breathing) produces that nasty superoxide, and if it’s not neutralised in the mitochondria, superoxide will destroy the aconitase enzyme and release the iron from it and cause some oxidative stress. In this process, it releases a Fe-S (iron that has sulfur) and undergoes further redox actions (nasty stuff) that cause further cellular insults such as binding to DNA and damaging it.

So, you’ve got this free iron molecule undergoing all kinds of redox reactions, causing inflammation and DNA damage. No need to stress because you have DNA repair enzymes, fantastic, right! Not so fast, every DNA repair enzyme requires magnesium bound to it to function, and if you lack magnesium, well, if you don’t repair that DNA, it can lead to cancer later in life.

So, to protect your cells and mitochondria, you have to take care of superoxide before it gets to aconitase, and the way you do that is to activate the enzyme mnSOD. There are three forms of SOD, and cofactors are needed for all forms of SOD: manganese, zinc, and copper. After SOD does its part neutralising superoxide, the end product is hydrogen peroxide. It’s another nasty molecule that MUST be neutralised further. How does your body do that? Using glutathione or catalase depends on the organ system involved.

These two powerful antioxidant players reduce it to harmless water. How cool, HUH! This happens billions of times a second, even more mind-blowing. Do you see how important nutrition is? And how important it is to have OPTIMAL levels for your unique genes – remember, some gene SNPs are slow, normal, fast, or sleepy.

We’re not quite done. Nitric oxide (NO) is a super important molecule in vasodilatation and maintaining optimal blood pressure and sexual function for the dudes. However, it has an ugly side because it spontaneously reacts with superoxide to form peroxynitrite which is incredibly dangerous and represents a crucial pathogenic mechanism in conditions such as stroke, myocardial infarction, chronic heart failure, diabetes, circulatory shock, chronic inflammatory diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Shockingly, after nitric oxide and superoxide collide, “bad shit” happens. The collision occurs spontaneously because it’s a non-enzymatic reaction; in other words, no cofactors are needed. So, if you’re not looking after yourself, all you may feel is a slight headache and brain fog to name a few.

Wrapping this up, SOD works on superoxide (breathing), and the end product of that reaction is hydrogen peroxide, which is another nasty that must be reduced further. Either glutathione or catalase works their magic depending on the organ system involved and transforms some nasty stuff into water (H2O). So, that’s cool!

One last thing, as mentioned earlier, magnesium is required in every DNA repair enzyme, and it’s critical for energy production. For example, ATP is the main source of energy in cells. A magnesium ion must be bound to ATP in order to be biologically active. Moreover, magnesium is required for the synthesis of DNA and RNA. Magnesium is extremely important.

We need to re-think nutrition because it’s that important!

Going bald early does not have to happen.

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