Why Thinking Positive Doesn’t Work.

This is something I know about because my physiology was producing powerful hormones that produced anxiety and panic attacks. However, today, my physiology is juxtaposed to that metabolic stressed mess.

I’m living Better, Faster, Stronger because I learned from my coach How To Turn Hormones Into Powerful Positive Emotions That Fuel Elite Human Performance.

Thinking positive thoughts doesn’t work; it’s your physiology that creates the positive calm mind.

Here’s the thing, you just think, and you think that’s you but, what we think and how well we think it is influenced heavily by something else.

Thought is an emergent property within your biochemistry.

You will think different things if you’re happy than if you’re sad.

How well you perform moment to moment, day to day is dependent on your biochemistry because biochemistry comes first, thinking and behaviour is a result of that.

So if you want to perform, you can’t do it by thinking positive; doesn’t work that way.

As Einstein said, you can’t solve the problem with the same level of thinking that created the problem.

How do you get a new level of thinking?

Well, you don’t get a new level of thinking just by thinking about it. You’ve got to change the physiology in which thoughts surface.

Let’s examine this for a second; if thoughts are coming to us through the following biochemistry, you physically feel this:
Gut, churning
Heart, racing
Hands, sweating
Mind, racing
Mouth, dry
Muscles, tense
Environment, threatening

What are we feeling and thinking? Fear or anxiety, anger?

It doesn’t matter because, your biochemistry is set to survival mode, NOT positive conscious thought.

Survival mode is influencing your thoughts and behaviour and pulling you back to the comfort zone or causing you to put it off.

You must switch that off.

No amount of positive thinking will help remove those POWERFUL hormones from your body.

You must sober up.

I will show you how towards the bottom of this page.

It starts with neurotransmitters, then to neuropeptides which attach to various glands in the body to produces hormones, and that creates the feelings and moods.

Moods if persisted in for over two or three weeks develop into personality traits.

Biochemistry comes first, it drives behaviour powerfully.

The default brain. . . We all think about 60 to 70 thousand thoughts a day, and scientists have also discovered that 80% of our thoughts are negative; that’s right, we’re our own worst enemy!

Guess what? The default brain then engages survival mode.

Survival mode forces us to eat the wrong things
…to say the wrong things
…to do the wrong things
…put things off
…lose motivation and disconnect from our MOST important life goals

The default brain does everything out of the basic need to survive.

In survival mode, higher cortisol levels power up the primitive part of the brain, knocking out rational thought by changing the blood flow in key areas of executive control.

Physically causing narrow mindedness. No matter how valuable the information, in this state of mind the brain cannot process it.

We argue, we put ourselves down, and snap at the people we love ❤️

Every time this happens, our brain is blocking change and growth, and intensifying addictive personality traits.

When we regain control, we wonder why we acted so poorly, talk shit to ourselves, thus re-engage survival mode, and reach for a pizza and booze and cause addictive traits to become stronger.

Example: If something goes wrong in our life and we make the mistake of making it personal by telling ourselves a shit story about “how it is”, we’re dirtying up our mind with some dangerous shit.

Why? because every thought we have activates a cluster of neurons that send an action potential down the axons to cross synapse that releases neurotransmitters.

If we keep reactivating this network, it becomes more powerful because surrounding glial cells feed the cluster and it becomes thicker and stronger.

If we pick up the booze and pizza when we’re stressed and in pain, we’re teaching the brain this is how we dull the pain.

If we lash out at loved ones, we’re teaching the brain to release stress like this.

Realise, you can easily reverse this; stick with me!

Not only did I have anxiety and panic attacks, I also drank too much, gave up a lot, and had an addictive personality.

I was, and you could be literally talking yourself out of success, and feeding failure on SO MANY levels.

My coach said to me:

“Mark, What You Don’t Know You Can’t Fix.

He went on to say: “You don’t need elite genetics, you don’t need supplements, and you sure as hell aren’t broken or weak!”

He said: “Your physiology is weak, and that’s something you can fix!

Understand: If you have consistent energy, everything comes back online.

Going the gym is easy.

Playing with the kids becomes fun.

And you sure as hell have quality time to spend with your partner!

And when your brain is energised, it’s not a stroke of luck, it has everything it needs.”

Understand that when the brain senses trouble in either one of the below domains, it must increase stress hormone production and the creation of metabolites to attenuate either stress.

Domain #1: Perceived stress, our thoughts


Domain #2: Cellular stress.

In either case, the brain will increase the production of cortisol until the stressor has left the system, or the brains perceived stress has left consciousness.

This changes the way the brain works, the autopilot switches on.

Insight: Domain #2 Switches On Domain #1

Please understand that when domain #2 is ON, we are building stronger insecurities, uncontrollable emotions like anxiety and avoidance, and anger and overwhelm when domain #2 is on.

Wouldn’t it then, be advantageous to do everything you can to keep domain 2 stress free?

Don’t let it become a flip of the coin. Please read the below image carefully:

Understand, this is something you can fix now, and it’s not difficult.

If you believe in science, then the new emerging research coming out shows us how to put it together.

STEP 1: Remove domain #2 Sleepers

If you want to have consistent high energy, motivation and focus on your most important long-term goals, eliminate the crap taking you out.

If you’d like more help, reach out to me.

Mark – Living Better, Stronger Faster Is My Game

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