Increase Your Growth Index for a Stress Response (GISR).

Your body has hidden stress, and when the stress leaves your body, it unlocks your Growth Index for a Stress Response (GISR).

“Why should we pay so much attention to what the majority thinks.”

— Socrates

“Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
– Albert Einstein

In 2016 I found multiple studies showing that people with high GISR, are more successful at whatever they set out to achieve. Researchers found that a high GISR predicts physical and academic success. 1

The military has a vested interested in this ratio because it predicts superior military performance. 2

A study showed that a high GISR significantly increases feelings of Warm-heartedness and Caring, and for the body: Vigour—Strength and vitality. 3

The same study also found that it significantly decreases in the negative affect scales of Guilt, Hostility, Burnout, Anxiety and Stress Effects.

That is so profound it worth repeating, a consistently high GISR significantly decreases in the negative affect scales of Guilt, Hostility, Burnout, Anxiety and Stress Effects.

What you need to understand right now: You win in the gym, you win in bedroom, you win in the boardroom and importantly, you move RISE when most people fall.

Hormones control everything from weight loss, to how much energy you have, and feelings of well being. They even control the thought your think. Give you an example, If you feel anxious you will have anxious thoughts. The principal biochemistry there is cortisol and noradrenaline, the main stress hormones.

On the other side of that coin, if you feel happy, scientists say the serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins and endocannabinoids are released into your veins.

What about courage? Is there a biochemical signature for that? There is, DHEA and testosterone working with dopamine and noradrenaline. If fact, scientists have found a region in the brain that creates the signature of courage. It had a midline ridge, the top ridge creates feelings of courage, the bottom ridge creates feeling of anxiety and fear. And the one your engage the most become dominant.

But can you become courageous? Is that possible? It is. First your need to cleanse and optimise your five main hormonal systems. Why? Because that gives you an unfair advantage. You have a strong hormonal foundation each morning you wake up.

You can get to that point, and it can happen in as little as four to six weeks.

Did you know that hard working neuroscientists teach the elite forces to engage the courage circuit. Over time, your courage grows because two things are going on.

The same neuroscientists say that positive self-talk does not work. Do you think the Navy Seals just before battle they are thinking: “I’m going to be great! I’m going to do really well!” I’m sure that’s what they’re thinking.

We need to use their strategies, not positive banter from self-help books or gurus, we need strategies that have been proven to physically grow the brain circuits that produce the feelings of courage, confidence and vigour.

I am sorry to lay this at your feet, and I’m afraid you’re not going to like this but, if you have a low or average V8 hormones, your chances of success and happiness are low. What that means is, you will struggle to have the energy and courage of Garry Vee, Tony Robbins or the person deep down you are!

It seems like you need to be young, and it seems like you need elite genetic. No you don’t

Are you interested in reaching your potential?

Well the GISR is the metric of all success, and if you follow the steps in the book you might keep your GISR flowing 24/7.

Before we move on, what is the GISR?

Think about what these words mean when combined:

Growth-Index: Performance Hormones, what I call V8 hormones.

Stress Response: Your response to stress, either with courage and drive, or fear and anxiety. The former sends growth signals to the courage circuit of your brain.

Bottom line, if you have a high GISR, you have an unfair advantage.  

And when you learn how to increase your GISR, you can become mentally and physically the most powerful version of yourself unlocking your full intellectual and physical potential.  

The ancient Greeks said: Happiness is the joy you feel moving towards your potential.

The GISR unlocks your good energy: Warm-heartedness and Caring thus unlocking the Law of Attraction for you. 

However, in 2016 I failed over and over to increase my GISR because I had no clue my body was physically incapable of making adequate levels of V8 hormones day after day, year after year. 

And that is what it takes to lock in your GISR, your good energy over time to effect positive change.  

In 2016 because I had NO clue about the three roadblocks—I had 2 of them including poor omega hormones and sleepy genes (both of which you can fix fast.)

That all changed in 2018 because my GISR is now locked in permanently. And each day it is you get a little stronger, more confident, more driven and ambitious.

What if there was a simple system you could follow to move your hormones in the right direction, automatically and naturally?

But what if it wasn’t a magic pill, you had to put in some work—would you still want to learn the system? 

It seems like you’ve got some hesitation…

It seems like there’s something in the back of your mind…

So before you decide whether or not to invest the time to read my book,let me cover some questions you might have.

Am I too old?
You’re not! I’m 49—age is not an issue.

Do I need elite genetics?
Hell no! Not to put a too fine a point on it but, my genetics are crap!

First, I had my genome sequenced, and I have an abysmal rate of my body making V8 hormone. This is due to multiple factors, one being my crappy vitamin D receptors and my +/+ SNP on my FAM9B – rs5934505.

Second, I have a 2.76-FOLD increase in the risk of obesity. Let me restate that; I have a 276 per cent greater chance than most people of getting fat. But I’m not.

Third, I have a genetic propensity of producing HIGH-stress hormones because I have a hyperactive enzyme called angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE).  The ACE enzyme directly inhibits my ability to make performance hormones. But NOT anymore.

How about you?

Very respectfully, this will seem a bit harsh, but do you want to fail? 

As you know, I failed in 2016 because what you don’t know you can’t fix. I tried for 6-months to increase my GISR but failed. Learn from my mistakes.

In this book you will find the steps:

Step 1: Learn the truth.

Step 2: Fix your omega hormones

Step 3: Remove the clamps, stress stimulators and things that waste V8 hormones.

I’m about to make your day the most difficult day you ever lived.

Why? Because once you learn how easy the steps are in this book, but it does require work on your part, then it’s then ALL on you.

You don’t RISE to the day, you fall to the level of your hormones.

Stress Based OR Performance Base Hormones.

Here’s the issue, there are two authorities out there. One keeps us average and weak, while the other lays out in practical steps how you and I can perform as the one per cent do.

Authority 2 the Laggards: Meet the Government-run system, forcing old science down our throat, literally; going back as far as the sixties. Is it all bad? I don’t believe it is; however, because of it, I slowly developed high blood pressure, asthma, allergies, arthritis and other issues that stemmed from its procrustean outdated 20th-century science.

It seems like you’re powerless to change, and it seems like getting older slows you down. That’s not entirely accurate. Professor Wurtman from MIT and many other scientists have shown in multiple studies that our brain evolved to grow in size and IQ as we age.

Let us have a quick look at the Mark Iron Method.

When it comes to success—at anything—scientists have shown in multiple studies that a high Growth Index for a Stress Response (GISR) predicts success.

Wouldn’t then, be advantageous to increase your GISR? A high GISR is an unfair advantage.

Step 1: SWOPP Unlock Method.
Step 2: SWOPP Upgrade Method.
Step 3: SWOPP Mindset Method.

Combined I call this the Mark Iron Method. To date, it’s taken 33 months to put together.

We help you employ three key strategies in the SWOPP Mindset Method: The synapse builder. The Winners Effect. And finally, the Negotiators Effect. The latter two mediated by the Rep Effect.

It seems like a big promise, and it is. It looks like a magic pill, but it’s not. In 2016 I failed to increase mine when I learned about the GISR. I tried to increase mine for the better part of 6-months. I threw in the towel, blaming my age and genetics. However, that was not the issue. So what was? P2s, and I’ll explain how they take your energy and inner-alpha soon.

Time to meet some of the scientists.

Authority 1 the Innovators: Meet the top scientific minds on the planet such as Dr William Lands (pictured below), lipid expert. With their help, I was able to overcome all the metabolic dysfunction I was told was (a) “normal”,  and (b) the hidden stress I had no clue I had. As a result, it unlocked my energy, mind and life.

I’m here to show you that you’re not anxious, average, or weak.

Right now, there’s a big movement growing, and it’s snowballing and growing fast. This movement is being led by functional medical doctors and the top scientific minds on the planet. People like myself, are helping to deliver their message.

The new science (or called biohacking) looks to the current published scientific research on peak human performance, health and longevity. Top CEO’s and Entrepreneurs, Olympians and elite forces such as the Navy Seals leverage this.

Are you performance or stress based?

If you’re stress based, life is MUCH harder, and you blame yourself for the littlest things. If you have hidden stress come into your body, your brain switches gears.

First, your brain goes into a state of what scientists call avoidance and alarm (A&A)—without even thinking a single negative thought. Hidden stress can make you feel like a garbage. Hidden stress will raise cortisol and inflammation and the brain goes into a state avoidance and alarm. Again, without even thinking, your physiology has turned negative. Think about those two words: avoidance and alarm. You are stressed based and you’re fighting stress-based thoughts. Do you want to remain handicapped?

IMPORTANT: hidden stress is now referred to as P2’s

The exciting news is this, if you control the P2 triggers, you win because the brain isn’t triggered to going into that low-energy state of avoidance and alarm for no good reason. It’s a very simple elimination. However, those are the light P2s, you also have heavy P2s. I will explain in steps what to do in this section.

Biohacking saved my life, and as we move through this section, you’ll see why.

Midway through this section, you’ll learn why the Government insists you have low cholesterol. For the Government, it’s a simple math problem, beware, however, it’s a smokescreen. The lipids scientists say it’s bad science dating back to the 60s. Cholesterol isn’t the problem, hidden stress stressing your cells and inflammation are. (covered soon)

Let’s briefly touch on hidden stress, higher than health cortisol and inflammation.

Did you know that Inflammation presents in two basic ways? And cortisol can cause inflammation?

(1) Pain and swelling. (2) Cloaked as a character flaw, low-energy and pissy moods.

Dave Asprey in his book, “Head Strong,” he mentioned that Dr Frank Shallenberger estimates we have 50-100% more toxins and stress precursors invading our body causing than we did even 100-years ago. This is hidden stress, and they ALL cause inflammation and raise stress hormones. When the brain is inflamed, it goes offline, and you go on autopilot. Brain fog, cravings and impulsivity become the norm.

A few years ago, I learned the most important lesson I have ever learned. I stumbled across research from Professor Sapolsky at Stanford, and the penny dropped and profoundly changed the course of my life.

It was about stress physiology, stress hormones and stress behaviour. Sapolsky said that if you have higher than healthy levels of stress hormones, it engages stress-based thought, and then stress-based behaviour. There are two big problems with that.

First, Sapolsky said that the brains metabolism shifts from the human brain (HB) to the emotional brain. The result, we become impulsive and distracted. Think about that; the human brain is offline; look at what it helps you with: focus, discipline, higher thinking, objective thinking, planning, problem-solving—BIG picture thinking are some of its skills.

However, the four most important to ANY success you want are the following:

(1) It creates success! All human achievements go through the HB.

(2) Long Game—Delaying gratification and success share a close partnership; many studies show this.

(3) Getting it done! The HB chooses to the harder and right thing in a difficult moment even if it terrifies you because of the following point.

(4) The HB inhibits the stress response.

Second, Sapolsky said that when cortisol or inflammation is higher than healthy, performance hormones are inhibited. Doesn’t seem fair, but getting this right will give you an unfair advantage.

Realise, it doesn’t matter what success you want, success in the gym, success in the bedroom, or success in the boardroom—performance hormones are the game.

Bottom line: At the end of the day, you’ve got two buckets that will set you up for success or failure. You’ve got a bucket full of stress, or you’re somewhere in between, or you’re feeling great because you are making Olympian levels of performance hormones.

Understand, you’re not weak, your hormones are weak.

It seems like you know deep down that stress hormones are the glue that keep you stuck and reaching for junk food and booze at the end of the day.

A few hours later, lying in bed you wonder why you keep doing this.

The next day you wake up like a good soldier forcing your way through the day with willpower. Some days are ok, and some days are crap.

You remain stuck having mood swings, energy ups and downs and you call the life.

Very respectfully, do you want to remain stuck?

If you’re sick and tired of that crap happening, The Mark Iron Method will help you get UNSTUCK in just three steps.

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