Hungry To Win?

Time to take out the brains KO’s!

When the brain senses trouble in either one of the below domains, it must increase stress hormone production.

The stressor can be cellular…


…a perceived stress, our thoughts.

In either case, the brain will increase the production of cortisol until the stressor has left the system, or the brains perceived stress has left consciousness.

This can be of benefit, and I’ll explain through the lens of science it a little bit.

Introducing domain #1: Perceived stress (PS):

Acute PS within the hormetic zone is beneficial, and can help us grow and become more resilient.

However, outside the optimal range, our physiology shifts towards a cortisol dominant state.

Understand that resilience and growth increase as the DHEA growth index to a stress response increases.

​​You feel this as being more confident, having more power and control.

When you don’t feel confident, your metabolism has shifted towards a cortisol dominant physiology. This increases insecurities and weak personality traits.

Cortisol dominance also inhibits intellectual cognition and learning; because its primary function with PS is to prepare the body for action; not learning, and certainly not intellect.

Cortisol dominance also signals inflammation, the overproduction of glucocorticoids cleaving its receptors, switches off the brains CEO, learning is blunted, causes structural remodeling of the prefrontal cortex, and cell apoptosis. (Ref)

It’s no like you can think, “oh shit, my prefrontal cortex, (your money maker) its structure and function is changing.”

No, we feel this as an energy and mood drop, or simply feeling stressed and DONE for the day!

The reality is we’re slowly losing confidence and gaining insecurities.

Either of which isn’t helpful.

We comfort zone more…

We give in more…

We avoid more…

We snap more…

We let the opinions of sheep stop us…

Oftentimes, it’s when the worst in us comes out…

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Understand that yes, this is serious but, you can start now by eliminating what I call light sleepers.

Eliminating the light sleepers is a long step in the right direction.


Because it eliminates 70 to 80% of domain #2, cellular stress (below).

This is ONE stress your cells DO NOT need to waste energy and resources on.

Once the light sleepers are eliminated, it frees up a lot of critical cellular performance pathways.

My coach said to me:

“Mark, why waste energy cleaning and mopping up the cell stress when you could instead…. invest this energy by giving the brain what it need?

He paused. . . . . . . .  

Trophic support; a focused and energized brain?”

Hit me like a tonne of bricks!

Introducing domain #2: Cellular stress:

Cellular stress signal hormesis, and when hormesis is in the butter-zone, it certainly helps us by up-regulating pathways such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-fibrosis
  • Antioxidant
  • Detox and self-cleaning pathways such as autophagy which scans for dead, diseased, malfunctioning, cancerous and precancerous cells and uses them for energy and other cellular building materials.

Imagine the power you’d feel knowing how to switch on those performance pathways.

However, and again, cell stress outside the optimal range signals inflammation and the overproduction of glucocorticoids (namely cortisol) and switches off the brains CEO, and causes physical remodeling and cell apoptosis.

If this is important to you, take out what’s taking you out.

Also understand, light sleepers intensify PS, it’s a self-feeding loop.

So the system runs cortisol for fuel too often.

Eliminating light sleepers is not difficult.

If you’d like help, reach out now:

Living Better, Faster, Stronger Is My End Game

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