Is blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth?

Einstein famously said this blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

I learned this the hard way. My pop died of an asthma attack when I was 16.

And I thought in October, that’s what was going to happen to me.

Shortly after, I found Dr. Ken Berry, MD, and I learned the truth about the system.

The system gives advice, which drives a lot of modern diseases.

And all the medications that I was on to try and fix my asthma, arthritis, and blood pressure, chronically lowered my testosterone.

When that happens, you lose your mojo for life, you lose your motivation, and you feel like a lazy loser.

I’m off all meds no at 51 and never felt better. I broke free of the system.

When I read Dr. Ken’s book lies my doctor told me, and look at all the new research in his book, I quickly realise that the system designs a lifestyle as a Trojan horse…

With testosterone lowering medications, and foods that decrease testosterone, and promote estrogen.

And over time, our testosterone plummets.

And guess what?

We’re told by the system to expect our testosterone and energy to decline.

That’s not the case, for men in their 50s Back in the 1940s, I learned from my friend and advisor, Dr. Anthony Jay, who did a five-year Ph.D. in hormones…

Men back in the 1940s had average testosterone of over double what it is today for men my age, 51.

If you do a little bit more searching in the scientific literature, you keep finding these Trojan horses.

They are hidden everywhere… it’s a midfield, all designed to control us so we become good little boys and do as we’re told…

We don’t push back we don’t stand up for what we believe in.

We slowly lose our mojo because we get used to it.

And the system says that normal… It ain’t normal.

So by the time you get to 30 or 40, you start losing your mojo in the gym, you lose your mojo in the bedroom with your wife, you lose your mojo in business… and you don’t reach your full potential.

You can get your mojo and fury back, but it requires a big lifestyle change.

The first step is to become a free thinker and question the system because you’re missing out.

Again, as Einstein said, blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

Are you ok living with your mojo and your potential declining?

Understand, you’re not broken, anxious and you are sure as hell not weak… push back and fight to live life on your terms, brotha!


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