Is the universe friendly?

Einstein gave us clues about change, and it’s taken me over two years to comprehend what a few of his philosophies meant. So, it’s taken me time to work out that our reality is entangled either by the past or by our vision of the future, and there is no time; time is an illusion.

“The most important question you can ask is if the Universe is a friendly place.”

If we believe at our core (unconsciously) that the universe is not friendly, the brain’s default modus operandi is to look for what’s wrong, to judge, and be on guard. The brain does this at an unconscious level; we are blissfully unaware. Most people, as I was just a few short years ago, are living in survival mode, as the brain was designed.

As far as the brain is concerned, whatever you’re thinking or doing at any time, you are physically modifying your brain to become better at it. Worry or Joy, frustration or tolerance.

Since this is such a foundational mechanism of the brain, learning how to ward off negative thoughts and emotional reactions can significantly enrich our life and health.

Specific learned emotional states release neurotransmitters that trigger a defensive state when we feel our self-esteem, thoughts or how we look (inhibitions) need to be protected from the influences of others.

If we believe we are being judged, played the fool or merely differ in opinion, that neural network sends neurotransmitter to primal regions of the brain to engage in defensive behaviour. And they’re the same that try to ensure our survival in the face of a physical threat.

In the defensive state, the primitive part of the brain knocks out rational thought and takes control by changing the blood flow in critical areas of executive control; physically causing narrow-mindedness. No matter how valuable the information, in this state of mind the brain cannot process it.

On a neural level, it reacts as if we’re physically threatened; it will encapsulate you in that emotion until it’s run its course leaving the body.

So that is the brain’s default mode, and we can evolve to a higher level of consciousness, but we must change our minds, literally.

So most of us live behind walls to survive and protect ourselves, not to thrive and live empowered.

Another brilliant insight from Einstein: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

To change, one must change their energy and live beyond past experience. One may think that each day is a “new day” but for most, it’s a reproduction of the past with slight daily variants, and so their energy remains the same, and they remain the same. How many times have you tried to change but fell back to old ways?

Your brain has a complete record of your past and for most, operates from the past through the Law of Least Effort running subconscious routines, habits. And because your brain is unconsciously firing existing neurons to reflect everything you know, have experienced, and can predict to feel safe, your past becomes your future.

What do we do each morning? The subconscious mind goes to work (the Law of Least Effort) and switches on sensory reminders of who we are. So we are forcefully plugged into the past to repeat past behaviours, and so, nothing really changes.

We get out of bed that same way and start following familiar cues. We might next have a shower the same way, groom ourselves the same way, to look the same way, have a coffee from the same mug, have a usual breakfast, and get to work the same way.

Why do we secretly expect something different to show up in our lives when we think with the same energy, perform the same actions, and live running past subconscious routines?

To change, one must transcend into a new level of mind by changing their energy. To change your energy, you must transcend into pure consciousness and become entangled with a reality that is aligned with your vision at the quantum level.

Change isn’t difficult, all you need to do, as I have, is to learn how to condition the mind ahead of time, body and space.

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