Michelangelo OR Picasso

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If you struggle with mindset and believing greatness is a gift; this video will blow your mind…

To become wealthy one must have the ability to think what ones want.

To think what ones want’s is a long step in the right direction of wealth.

Every person has the inherent ability to think and believe what one wants, but that requires far more effort to do so than it does to think thoughts that are suggested by circumstances.

To think in accordance to circumstances is inbuilt and easy, to think the truth regardless of circumstances is hard and requires the expenditure of more power and effort than any other work we are called to do. Thought is the hardest work in the world to do.

To think in terms of wealth when in the midst of the circumstances of poverty requires POWER!

If you acquire this power you can conquer fate and have what you set your mind to have.

When we realize this, we have true power and we lose all doubt and fear. Period.



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