Regret, It’s A Vapid Bitch

If you have problems with worrying about what other people think, after watching this video, you fucking won’t!

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When we optimise our rented body, that is to optimise the four main hormonal systems, clear out metabolic bottlenecks, AND become metabolically flexible, the 80/20 rule is flipped >> from a cortisol dominant metabolism to a MOJO dominant metabolism.

Here’s the thing, how you think determines what you do and how strong you show up.

And to show up strong, you need mojo. I have a feeling you already know this.

It’s locked up in what scientists call the pregnenolone steal.

If you want to show up strong, you have to flip (SWOPP) your metabolism, that will change how you think to the 21 year old version of your fine self!

Let’s get granular, if you want to change your thinking, you have to change how you feel because sometimes we know what to do but, we just don’t do it.

So we sit in our cave because we’ve got >>> no mojo, the pregnenolone steal (below) is in high gear.


Then our energy systems crash and brain noise starts streaming high bandwidth crap like: it’s too fucking hard, I can do this later, I’m not going to succeed so why bother.

A feeling whether you like it or not has a biochemical root and supersedes thinking, it filters thinking powerfully, albeit unconscious.

We’ve all experienced this in action right?

If you feeling anxious… you feel anxious and have anxious thought. No amount of me saying don’t worry is going to help you.

And the same is true if you’re happy, you feel fucking splendid and have happy thoughts😃

To get seventy percent of the way there, what you’ve got to do is change your metabolism in favour the androgen pathway in order to change the feeling >> in order to change how you think…

If our mojo is pumping, how will that filter our thinking?

From there, what we’re doing is controlling our forward momentum and building big; going from a cortisol dominant metabolism to a DHEA dominant metabolism (passion and performance), and then you WILL think and show up strong!

Energy is the currency of life, and how you show up pays your way, and the bottom line is: your metabolism controls it!

Remove the bottlenecks in your metabolism, optimise your four main hormone systems, become fat adapted and YOU WILL… Show Up Strong 🔥

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