Nutrition Equates To 80 Percent Of Your Performance

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Nutrition (food) is simply performance potential in the form of carbon, water, nitrogen, sulfur, cofactors… but all too often it’s viewed through the lens of mouth pleasure and emotion, which screws everything up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love food and I eat my dessert but, I don’t want to perform in the range of “average” or “good”, I’m not here to be fucking average, I focus on PEAK cognitive and physical performance!

Interesting as I found out, you CAN have both mouth pleasure and PEAK cognitive and physical performance when you get a few things right.

The reality is, nutrition is biochemistry in action, it hits your gut’s endothelial cells and is packaged up and sent to cells for energy and cellular building materials.

Is that fucking hamburger going to help?

Not an “average” burger that’s for sure; the ones I have designed for my private clients will.

But your average burger will crash endothelial function, cause systemic inflammation, oxidize lipoproteins, crash energy pathways and a lots of crap you don’t want.

I could wax on about that, but I won’t.

I focus on is thyroid (metabolism), adrenal (stress-cortisol-pathway) and androgen (DHEA and sex hormones) and nutrient partitioning.

If you have a phenotype that disposes of glucose poorly you’ll be walking around with a fasting insulin north of 20 which is a metabolic disaster. The good news is you can reverse this in under two weeks!

Anyway, to get 70 percent the way there, the first step is to optimise the four main hormonal systems through Nutrigenomics. [su_custom_gallery source=”media: 71861″ link=”lightbox” width=”170″]

Nutrigenomics (nutrition) working with Epigenetics (genes) opens up dormant pathways that metabolise stress hormones and push the production of DHEA (performance and passion) and the sex hormones (courage and mojo) UP 🥂

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Lets explore this a little more:
  1. Speed up the enzymes/genes that metabolise stress hormones to the mojo pathways is open; DHEA and sex hormones
  2. Speed up the enzymes/genes that metabolise aldehydes (allergies)
  3. Speed up the enzymes/genes that take care of oxidative stress (the root cause of all disease and ageing, and leads to inflammation and autoimmune disease)
  4. Change the GABA:Glutamate ratio – drug companies target GABA to help you feel calm and relaxed. YOU can achieve this naturally as I have
  5. Put the brain in an anaplerotic state – brain homeostasis.
  6. Stress buffering; optimizing the genes that metabolise stress hormones so they LEAVE your system fast.
  7. Have a standard variation of no more than 15
  8. Increase the ratio of GSH:GSSG – Less oxidative stress, and again, MUCH less blind anxiety
  9. And some more… blueprints make it easy, right!

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