Feel Like You’re Losing Your Edge?

  • Energy not where it needs to be?
  • Find it hard to focus?
  • Reaching for bad food and booze a little too much?
  • Finding it hard to achieve that lean physique OR maintain it with ease?

And. . . do you feel older than you are?

Read on if this is important to you because everything you just read is easily reversed!
Let me show you. . .

HERE’S what getting in-front of this cutting-edge research has allowed me to overcome:

Asthma, allergies, arthritis: GONE!

Over one year and counting!

. . . and I’ve also come off HRT to become a self-contained unit. Saving a lot of coin!

I was on HRT for over 10 years because I DIDN’T KNOW what I’m showing you today!

And I’m 47, so age isn’t an issue!

It all comes down to one root cause that physically changes how your brain works.

It’s in our food supply in the form of mito toxins, xenobiotics, and foods containing advanced glycation end products and advanced lipoxidation end products causing neurofibrillary tangles, inflammation and your mood and energy to crash.

That triggers Arachidonic Acid signaling (AA is a Highly unsaturated fatty acids HUFA, a metabolite of omega-6) and the brain goes into a state of alarm and avoidance (more on this in a couple of paragraphs).

This diverts your energy (passion and performance) to create metabolites to clean the mess up.

Are you okay with that?

Do you know what that are?

There’s another problem, are you on a health kick?

Because if you are and go blindly taking supps… shit’s going to go south!

You see, too much EGCG (green tea extract) has now been shown in research to cause inflammation and cell damage.

Here is some of the research I’s love to show you today:

This one thing can derail your day, EGCG is a HUGE hormetic stressor, it can and most often will cause cell damage and inflammation.

[su_lightbox src=”https://vimeo.com/310672985″]Click here to watch a quick 3-minute video so I can walk you through that study[/su_lightbox]

. . . and a few hours later your energy may crash and you’ll wrongly believe that you’re just getting old!


But because the effects are NOT immediate, there is no correlation.

So you repeat this pointless supplement regimen the following day trying to burn fat, and it repeats.

Tell you a little secret, our ancestors were naturally lean, and so are you.

You can lean out with ease naturally. . . Watch the video

I call hormetic stressors “YELLOW STRESS” and you can optimise hormesis in a lots of ways, you don’t need supps.

However, if you continue listening to the “bro science” out there, it can and MOST OFTEN WILL cause inflammation and the brain to go C-Player on you.

And there is research that shows taking too many vitamins can cause DNA damage and C-Player mode:

It’s a fucking battleground out there of miss-information, that’s why I do what I do because, I want to perform and feel amazing, not hope I will.

I research everything I put in my cellular ecosystem, screw low energy and the brain going C-Player on you.

Here we go…

Under the hammer of inflammation, here’s what happens to your brain:

Alarm and avoidance: Stressed and emotional, plus poor sleep and low energy. Blood moves from the executive cortex to the emotional centres: Result in persistent low performance and wheel spins.

If you remove the red alerts, and optimise the yellow alerts, you will enjoy peak cognitive and physical performance; plus your partner will thank you for the up-tick in MOJO!



Tryptophan steal: Tryptophan is shunted to another pathway called kynurenine resulting in brain serotonin and melatonin crashing. You lose executive cortex control and stable mood, plus sleep is a problem.

[su_lightbox src=”https://vimeo.com/310854728″]Click here to watch video overview: Tryptophan steal[/su_lightbox]

Energy system malfunction: The kynurenine pathway is diverting energy from mitochondrial energy pathways to create metabolites to attenuate the inflammation.

So energy is is being diverted away from mitochondria myocytes (muscles) and performance pathways like androgen production (DHEA and sex hormones) to stop this inflammatory and or oxidative stress.

So we feel emotional and tired.

Want to fix this now, and find out how to speed up your androgen output?

Press the play button to watch the video below:

In this state, we think food will make us feel better, but because our mood and the executive cortex has crashed, the C-Player in us reaches for bad food and booze to add insult to injury.

Pregnenolone steal: You lose your MOJO (DHEA and date night hormones), zest for life and confidence because pregnenolone (the starting hormone for both the stress and MOJO pathway) is shunted to the stress pathway creating stress hormones, a cognitive environment of overwhelm. So you’re on a hair trigger, every little thing is frustrating and annoying.

You don’t feel or notice this happening either.

It’s like a frog in water if you put a frog in water and slowly bring him to the boil, his life is slowly taken from him.

I call this domino effect “C-Player mode”, it’s not you, it’s the brain, and it’s designed this way, but it’s relatively easy to override with a plan.

So, the C-Player in us whispers: “Hey, we can do this tomorrow, now’s not a good time.” Or “Hey, this doesn’t feel right. I had better listen to my intuition”.

That’s not your intuition; it’s C-PLAYER mode talking you out of success and a better life.

If you remove the red alerts as outlined in tryptophan steal earlier in section “TWO”, and optimise the yellow alerts, you will enjoy peak mental and physical performance!

BUT if you don’t, you’ll become stressed and tired, and at the end of the day we reach for bad food and booze which only compounds the inflammation and oxidative stress more because, unfortunately, bad food and alcohol creates compounds called aldehydes, like 4-hydroxynonenal which are exponentially more toxic than ANY eicosanoid that our body produces to fight infections and the like.

These aldehydes can cause DNA damage, lipid peroxidation and cholesterol domain formation.

AND they’re in your food supply, you may have consumed these aldehyde forming compounds today.

Cholesterol domain formation significantly slows the target cell down, and you.

Your metabolism, neurotransmitter synthesis, endocrine function, memory all suffer.

. . .and you put this down to getting old.

YOU’RE NOT, and you can reverse this as I have!

You may think some comfort food will pick you back up, BUT it only compounds, and makes inflammation higher.

If this is important to you, you can easily reverse this.

But if you don’t, in C-Player mode, we can’t wait for the day to end so we can go home to the cave and eat bad food to feel better, and erroneously think this will energise us for tomorrow.

But it only makes tomorrow harder because the inflammation is now compounding, and it’s paying “stress hormone” interest, not DHEA and date night hormone interest. . . damnit lol.

The performance we feel today is predicated on what we put in the system over the last 72 hours.

The good news is, you can as I have, remove the triggers and regain supremacy over the brain.

I’ll provide you with the research and actionable steps in the video.

HERE’S what getting in-front of this cutting-edge research has allowed me to overcome:

Asthma, allergies, arthritis: GONE, and I’ve also come off HRT too to become a self-contained unit, one year and counting! And I’m 47, age isn’t an excuse.

As you can see from the picture above, the research is there waiting for you.

But the researchers say it could take a fucking generation to become mainstream.

Are you willing to wait?

Again, all this info is out there on PubMed and lots of great videos on YouTube by functional Dr’s and research scientists. You can find this and piece this together yourself as I have.

THIS IS MY PASSION, and I’m your shortcut to performance!

I’m here to put you in-front of the truth, which is the cutting edge research that cured my busted cellular ecosystem.

But, the problem is for most people, it’s very time consuming to extract the information and put a plan together.

That’s where I come in, I’m your shortcut to performance.

The food is pretty splendid too!

Putting this research together has taken a HUGE amount of time and energy BUT, it’s my passion; this is what I love to do, and my calling in life (as fruity as that sounds lol)

Everything I do titrates to performance, both peak cognitive and physical performance because let’s face it; if you wake up and the system is hot and passionate, energised and confident, you will be focused and driven on your goals, NOT bad food and booze by the end of the day.

What if by the end of the day, the system was still hot and energised, NOT stressed? Game Changer.

That builds enormous momentum, passion and confidence within yourself.

Why is passion so important?

You hear people talking about that all the time, so what really is it?

I did some digging in PubMed and found the answer, if you believe in scientific research you’ll love what I have found.

It’s a favorable biochemical state for both cognitive and physical performance. But with one added benefit, it profoundly increases health span and quality of life.

It’s an uptick in androgen (DHEA and other androgen’s like testosterone) and a down-tick in stress hormones.

Here is just one research paper on DHEA:

Stress hormones must follow the body’s natural circadian rhythm [su_lightbox type=”image” src=”https://markiron.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Melatonin-and-Cortisol.jpg”][su_button] Enlarge Image [/su_button][/su_lightbox] to have any change of being the dominant hormone in your body.

Because if stress is the dominant hormone, prostaglandin series 2 will be hyperactive. Check out in red what it activates, your thought alone can trigger the HPA access (hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal)

Don’t allow your brains C-Player physiology talk you out of passion and performance!
Start pumping out more androgen’s (or what I call performance hormones) than stress hormones.

The research is in, you can get back to outputting more androgen’s and less cortisol, and it’s not difficult!

I’ve read over 150 research papers, both free and paid, read lots books from the research scientists, watched 100s of hours of videos, taken a few courses, and worked with a Dr versed in the new research.

The result of this work (passion) is, I’ve created one blueprint with different starting templates, mapped it out for people like you who want confidence, consistent performance and to achieve a lean physique with ease naturally, no supplements, so you can as I have become a self-contained unit.

What I’m focused on is putting this research together in small and easy-to-action-chunks that help people remove the inflammation and stress so they can perform consistently at a very high level. . . Day after day as I do.

I’m here to help you remove the noise from your brain, energise the cellular ecosystem, lean out with ease, and uptick MOJO and antioxidant pathways to perform with confidence and passion at a high-level day after day.

By all means, if you want advanced help, reach out to me, and we can have a short conversation about what that looks like too.

So if this is important to you, have a look, it’ll be worth the time you invest today.

If you want to regain supremacy over the brains C-Player mode >> Head here to the blueprint <<

OR, if you like a bit more speed and all the shortcuts. . . read on:
If you’re NOT:

  1. Happy with your current physique.
  2. Or how your brain sabotages your efforts putting you into C-Player mode
  3. Have erratic energy levels.

But instead you’d love to have the energy to perform consistently, not hope you will.

1. Piece this together yourself as I have done
2. Watch my free video’s

Or, if you want to increase the speed:

  1. Find out your metabolic snapshot to give you the perfect starting template, and only watching the videos YOU need.
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Basically have my knowledge placed into your brain.

I’m your shortcut to performance, passion and getting back in your prime.

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