Cortical Inhibition, The Brain Going Supernova

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Cortical Inhibition, The Brain Going Supernova

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Why is it that what we consciously want, the brain sabotages our efforts with self-doubt and makes us feel inferior, and we’re probably wasting our time?
Your brain will avoid anything above survival needs at all costs; it whispers: “Hey, we can do this tomorrow, now’s not a good time.” Or “Hey, this doesn’t feel right. I had better listen to my intuition” This isn’t your intuition, it’s survival mode, and it’s talking you out of success and a better life.
Most people mistake survival subvocalizations for intuition which it’s not. It’s a subconscious decision spiced up with feelings (survival emotions) geared to pull you back to the comfort zone.
The reason why we’re talked out of a better life, body, relationship, and finances are simple; because of what happens to the brain in survival mode.
  1. The blood flow moves from the cortex to the emotional centers and we react emotionally and quite predictably.
  2. We no longer have control or reason rationally; we react to the emotion we’re feeling.

The image below shows the research on cortical inhibition:

Once we fire up these old networks, the brain builds and maintains this neural real-estate.
In a real sense, we are in fact investing time and energy building, and maintaining neural networks (albeit unconsciously) to power up survival emotions.
I don’t know about you but, that scares the hell out of me because the brain goes into a state of alarm and avoidance.
(A video at the bottom of this page explains this in detail)
Under the influence of these emotions, the tendency is self-preservation. So it makes sense that we act in self-serving ways.
If we feel embarrassed, we might go on the defensive and flee the scene.
If we think our self-esteem is being attacked, we might go on the offensive and hit back with a verbal tongue lashing. Seems right at the time, right?
If we become frustrated (a survival emotion we learned as an infant,) by some small annoyance such as being cut off in traffic or Starbucks not having caramel syrup for our damn latte; we feel justified and react like some mad person.
We clench our fists, and we talk under our breath and say: “You had ONE JOB! No damn caramel!”
We go “unconscious” and activate now hardwired neural architecture to repeat this program called “frustration.” If we’re frustrated, we act, feel and behave frustrated until that biochemical soup leaves our system.
Unfortunately, as I learned, this only strengthens existing failure traits like self-doubt, self-sabotage, anger, procrastination, excuses, blame and justifying less than stellar behavior because “this” or “that” happened to us.
Is that really a good thing? Is surviving bound to these emotions all there is? Surviving day to day, paycheck to paycheck all there is? I think we’re all meant for more than that!
The reality is, investing in survival emotions is akin to building neural policies that can only create a dictatorship; the brain wins, and the soul suffers.
I believe the critical question we need to ask is; is it possible to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, and away from these survival policies?
I believe there is because, the people who have gone after their greatness and won, whether it’s taken one year or ten years have mindfully designed and invested time building new neural real-estate. They invested in themselves which is the best investment.
Their neural real-estate now pays big dividends; success traits like gratitude, soft-skills like confidence, success habits, and success mindsets like abundance and wealth. Now to me, that sounds like a better way to invest our time and energy.
I believe there are three energy currencies out there:
1: The renters, not in control, stressing and vacillating from one place (feeling) to the next. Lost and overwhelmed.
2: The homeowners, made plans for their life, (probably influenced by mum and dad) finished school and landed a safe job; now happily living in their home (comfort zone) but, not investing any further. Come retirement age, however, maybe not so comfortable.
3: The developers, always looking for new investments and growth potential, the game changers. BIG energy, big currency for life.
Think about how the developers mind would operate; they don’t rent space, they’re not bound to the confines of one or two investments. Instead, they own, and control everything, and are savvy to taxes (survival emotions) and natural laws. But more than that, they’re always looking for new growth potentials.
Point being, their neural real-estate is planned, worked on, growing, and attracting prosperity and abundance; and is always increasing in value. They whether any financial storm with ease.
Don’t settle for a mediocre life, you can design your own neural architecture, and then invest in the work to take you to the next level, and then the next level. Before long, you have your own neural investments such as success habits that are paying BIG.
You can become and do whatever you want in life, invest in yourself!
One must get out of the dictatorship that is survival mode to create something bigger than oneself. That is where one connects to their greatness.
Did you know that when your cellular city is stressed, it triggers alarm and avoidance (cortical inhibition).
YOU CAN stop this from happening, and here’s how:
Cortical inhibition - brain goes supernova

Cortical inhibition

All you need to do is remove what I call Red Stress, and optimise Yellow Stress which is hormesis, this is what makes you stronger. See in the below image: 

Don’t live with Red Stress induced cortical inhibition!

Here is what I was able to overcome by listening to, AND THEN implementing the research that’s coming out now:

If you'd like to see the research that elucidated the steps to becoming superhuman, watch the video:
VIDEO 2: Becoming Superhuman
Ten years from now, make sure you can say you chose your life. You didn’t settle for it!
To your neural success,

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