[ELIMINATE #5] The personality gene, COMT

This is one hell of a gene!

This is one of the most researched genes because it plays an important role in intelligence and personality.

It also plays an intricate role in executive control of the brain, executive roles like: cognitive flexibility, impulse control, abstract thought. . . if you want to succeed, this gene MUST be optimised so it can keep your executive brain switched ON.

Here is what this gene does:

1) Neurotransmitters optimisation: COMT is responsible for the metabolism of: Dopamine, noradrenaline, (norepinephrine) adrenalin (epinephrine).
This gene keeps your mind FOCUSED and energised!

It loves to follow the natural rhythm, the circadian rhythm – It hates the extra workload of metabolising cellular stress metabolites.

Hang on, it has more work to do with estrogen:

2) Estrogen and estrogen mimics: Mimics like microplastics and glyphosate to name a few. . .

Delayed clearing of estrogen, linked to estrogen related cancers such as breast cancer.

This hard working gene needs your help because, it metabolises catechol’s and catechol’s mimics.

Knowing what they are gives you an unfair advantage by providing you a HUGE stress buffer.

3) Catechol’s: Such as tea, EGCG, chocolate, some fruits & veg and coffee (to name a few)

Bottom Line: If you’re loaded with catechol’s or there mimics, estrogen and estrogen mimics, you can’t clear out stress hormones and your energy, mood and motivation crashes.

You might feel tired, bored and stressed the hell out.

This video shows you the research and what you need to do to optimise it and create a HUGE stress buffer and complete focus attention!

Mark – School4Success


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