Project Phoenix (BETA)

Have you heard of the 4-minute mile before?

If you have, we’re going to explore higher ground.

If you haven’t, it’s about breaking the rules that keep us on lower ground.

The experts said it couldn’t be done.

According to the “experts”, the human body was simply not capable of a 4-minute mile.  It wasn’t just dangerous; it was impossible.

In the 1940s, the mile record was pushed to 4:01, where it stood for nine years, and the “experts” thought they had it right.

But, on May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute barrier.

Since then, the “four-minute barrier” has since been broken by over 1,400 athletes and lowered by almost 17 seconds.

What does this mean for us?

It’s interesting, as I have learned. Nothing is good or bad until our perception of a thing weighs in.

Generally, our perception is learned through society, 99% of their rules keep us on lower ground; with the hope of becoming the 1%.

Well, to hell with that 👊👊

I don’t know what it means for you, but if you’re like me, it could mean this:

  1. I’m not here to pay the bills and die.
  2. I’m not here to live with an average status, I’m hungry for higher ground!
  3. And I’m ALWAYS one step away from breaking my next 4-minute mile.


Challenge the status quo, build a legacy, show up strong, demonstrate to others how to break barriers, live the life we want on OUR TERMS and enjoy the status 1% do.

Press Play

What do you want?

I want to empower my kids, and I want to grow old travelling the world romancing my queen, my gorgeous wife, Michelle.

Here’s the thing, if you’re like me you want more awesome moments from life. And you’ve likely tried this and that in the past, you’ve read books, taken courses, and a LOT of them didn’t work, right?

Is it our lack of commitment?

It is our lack of character?


We’re not broken or weak, it’s something else, and we can right the ship without too much effort.

Understand this, at the time the “experts” said that the 4-minute mile is insurmountable; but once it was broken, it EMPOWERED many more to do the same.

A lot of what holds up down is what others say, said experts and authorities.

Don’t listen to the “experts”, take a stand and realise that you have one life, it’s yours to live, and you CAN break barriers.

You could be an outlier like myself, and there’s many of us.

Outliers are ALWAYS one step, one story, one idea away from busting their 4-minute mile.

I’d be honoured if you’d join me, I’m creating a movement, and if you’d like to be an early adopter, you could become a head person in our movement.

Within Project Phoenix are the accumulation of 20 years of my life, my heart attack, my accidental overdose, my pitfalls and successes.

It’s my origin story and my rise to higher grounds.

I’m nothing special, and you know what, I don’t believe ANYONE IS!

I believe we all have what it takes, but you must rise in status and belief.
No barriers, no experts, no one can influence our belief.

There is no damn way we’re going to stay with the same status!

The underdogs, the outliers can unite and rise like a phoenix from the ashes with a new identity and status.

And if you’ll allow me, I would love to show you how to break your 4-minute mile and be in a completely different place this time next year.

Are you willing? Then it’s time to rise and consider joining our movement: Project Phoenix (BETA)

Project Phoenix has 20 seats. Apply here:

Phase One: Powering Up The V8 inside you:

I realised that to build my legacy and empire, it required consistent energy, I wanted to stop waking up feeling like I had to watch Rocky 3 to get motivated. I NEEDED constant energy and motivation.

Quite by accident in October 2017, this pivotal point in my life led me to some research on PubMed. When I finally got through the research (2 months) and implemented what I had found with some help, it didn’t take long to see a pattern.

It was (once I cleared the sleepers and optimised) only a few days until felt the change. I knew I was moving in the right direction; I needed to collect more data because what you don’t measure you don’t know.

What does that mean for you?

Well for me, waking up day after day with energy, focus and motivation builds massive momentum and a HUGE conviction in what we’re doing. It’s predictable! Finally, I was firing on all 8 cylinders and on the right path, a path towards higher ground with torque and grunt!

Predicting performance via measuring and tweaking:

Knowing that the previous 72 hours was the key to predicting how I would feel and perform and that I could articulate this to my wife, then consistently kick butt when I woke up as I boasted I would, was validation and confirmation that this research was cutting edge and life changing!

It’s just a matter of controlling ALL the variables and measuring the results. Data is the key.

I continue to fine-tune this blueprint (SWOPP) as the research becomes available. To date, it’s the distillation of that cutting edge research, and also books and mentors since October 2017.

My wife and kids noticed this uptick in energy and zest for life too, and that feels pretty nice. Getting up and finishing earlier with much better work to show for it is empowering. My wife started looking at me; differently, she doesn’t admit this, but, I noticed 😄

As I continue to say to people, our emotional energy pays our way through life.

Realise, if your energy produces consistent motivation, passion and focus, you’re moving to higher ground. People notice and are attracted to you.

Consider joining Project Phoenix now. Here’s your opportunity:

  1. Beta group will receive a permanent seat on our Gold, Elite, And GrandMaster Groups. You’ll be able to coach others in the bronze, silver and gold group once your status becomes Grand Master.
    1. Your opportunity:
    2. You will receive a coach and admin status so people know you’re accredited by us.
    3. It’s a great way to further advance your career as an entrepreneur by connecting with people who want to build their legacy. 
    4. Example: If you’re a marketer, you could build a relationship and acquire a client by helping them get online.
  1. So our beta group could in fact be a gold mine for you.
  2. I’m not sure if I’ll be offering free coaching seats beyond this.

Mark – Living Better, Stronger, Faster Is My Passion:

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