The Purpose Of Life, Ironically, Is To Find Your Life Purpose And Live It

Chasing happiness for most of us is tied up in other people, things and what we can get. And so, the chemical rush of happiness it produces like motivation is fleeting, it doesn’t last. So we unconsciously attach happiness and motivation to our external world but, it always starts within.

The only way to be at peace with yourself, I mean truly at peace, is to be fulfilled because, when you’re fulfilled, you love who you are, you love the people around you, you love what you’re doing, and importantly… YOU LOVE LIFE!

The only path to fulfilment is to find your purpose; and when you find your purpose you’ll start winning at life. You’ll be at peace, happy and driven by purpose; not chasing happiness and the fleeting high it produces, like a drug driving us to our vices when we can’t find happiness within.

Chasing happiness and the chemical rush it produces leads to gratification and vices; but finding your purpose leads to fulfillment, love and a beautiful and serendipitous journey in life.

Set your soul on fire by finding your purpose; and when you find it, give it to the world and the universe will reward you in the most serendipitous way.

Here is my simple formula on finding purpose:

If you had everything you could ever want in life, money, the house, the family, the friends and the freedom to do whatever you wanted to do, who would you become and what would you do?

Align that energy with self-betterment and adding value to the world and the people in it, then you are set on an incredible journey in life. If you can answer that then seek knowledge because, knowledge is the path, curiosity the fuel, and courage to act and persist through setbacks and fear, the vehicle.

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