HOW: 9 Stages Of Mood Program Your Personality

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Thoughts create neurotransmitters, neurotransmitters create neuropeptides, neuropeptides enter the bloodstream and bind to glands. This stimulates the body to make POWERFUL hormones that produce feelings.

I had anxiety, panic attacks, and high blood pressure because my cellular intelligence was inflamed.

Our mood is tightly regulated by low grade inflammation because, your energy is diverted to create metabolites to fix this. That’s why I call low grade inflammation a pathway #2 activator. (Formally called “Red Stress”).

And I had no clue because you don’t feel the effects of inflammation, you just feel it as low motivation, low energy and poor mood when the system is cool, however, when the system is hot we experience it as stress, frustration, fear and anger.

See below:

It’s very tightly linked to having your four main hormonal systems optimised because it increases the ratio of DHEA:Cortisol.

Here is a very simple pathway #2 activator that’s ever so simple to fix:

There’s a very complex relationship between signalling molecules (food) and genes – Each meal we eat is either sending inflammatory signals and building poor cellular health OR we’re transforming into an A-Player Phenotype.

Every day our body replaces 40 to 60 BILLION cells.

What is in our blood are the building materials these cells are FORCED to built from.

Quite literally, we’re building a straw house or AN EMPIRE!

Under the hammer of inflammation, here’s what happens to your brain:

  1. Alarm and avoidance: Stressed and emotional, plus poor sleep and low energy: perpetual low performance.
  2. Tryptophan steal: Tryptophan is shunted to another pathway called kynurenine resulting in brain serotonin and melatonin crashing.
  3. Energy gone: The kynurenine pathway is diverting energy to create metabolites to attenuate the inflammation.
  4. Pregnenolone steal: You lose your MOJO, zest for life and confidence because DHEA and ARE GONE.

Trophic support is gone; we don’t feel or notice this happening.

WHERE IS INFLAMMATION COMING IN: it’s hidden in the food supply in the form of AGE’s, ALE’s, aldehydes, estrogen mimics—low sodium can trigger a stress response.

Nutrition signals hormones and metabolic pathways; we can look at nutrition in three ways: energy, cellular materials and signalling molecules that switches on genes and enzymes to run metabolic pathways like the sirtuins, androgen’s that provide the brain trophic support; so our BIG smart brain stays energised, focused and does its best work for you with ease in a state of flow.

Again, we’re building a straw house or AN EMPIRE!

Doing low fat (cough), our body is FORCED to make omega 9, and omega 9 is kind of like the drunk philandering dude.

Omega 6 and 3 are much more classy, and rarely act like that philandering dude; UNLESS there’s too much omega 6; then it’s like gang warfare on your organs. Inflammation becomes chronic and the brain goes into a state of alarm and avoidance CRUSHING tropic support for the brain.

The 6:3 ratio today is so juxtaposed to where our ancient genes expect it to be and thrive at a DEEP hormonal level.


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