Remove Red Stress And Everything Become Easier

Are you in the drivers seat? From the mid brain down (our elephant), one’s ability to generate wealth is finite; above that, however, the seat of consciousness, one’s ability is infinite.

As Einstein said; the purpose of education is not the learning of facts and figures but, training the mind to think.

When I did all my research a while back, I was blown away by what I found; I quickly had leverage for change and hopefully after reading this, you might want to change too, so here is some motivation for positive change.

Realise, it’s NOT just the elephant in our head, a cellular stress triggers the same brain state.

Cellular stress is what I call red stress, this stress it’s well elucidated in the current research and I have several videos covering it on IGTV and my website.

When stressed, either the cellular level or we’re worried, frustrated, bored, sad, disappointed, embarrassment, etc… the brain is affected, the blood vessels in the cortex constrict shunting the blood to the emotional regions to drop 30 or 40 IQ points.

I’m not going to focus on emotional stress because the conundrum we all face is, cellular stress turns it on the elephant, emotional reasoning and justifications.

One simple cellular stress is foods containing ALE (advanced lipoxidation end products) that can cause neurofibrillary tangles and other horrid crap like cholesterol domain formation.

[su_note note_color=”#e3051d” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]They produce aldehydes like 4-Hydroxy-2-nonenal (HNE) that are exponentially more harmful than and eicosanoids our body produces to fight pathogens and bacterial infections.[/su_note]

4-Hydroxy-2-nonenal (HNE) is one of the most studied products of phospholipid peroxidation (above).

When this happens, our cellular city is stressed the fuck out, and so are we because it changes how our brain works; it goes elephant mode on us.

It’s not like we feel this happening, we can’t look in the mirror and say, “interesting, I can see some cholesterol domain formation there, that’s why I’m in a shit mood, have no focus and want to eat more  foods containing ALEs”.

I call this red stress induced elephant mode.

It presents as low energy, low mood, or a headache and no focus, a short tolerance to others around us, or maybe a stiff neck. 

We put things off, fear talks us out of it, or as I did, we put our head in the fucking sand making life SO MUCH HARDER.

Here’s what the elephant in our head is doing:

1) The brain goes into emotional mode switching off the intellectual mind.

2) It’s changing our direction and destiny.

3) It’s deepening negative emotions by strengthening those neural networks.

4) Damaging our metabolism and screwing damaging our cells by sending a signal for cholesterol patch up the damage.

5) Stealing our MOJO by shunting that pathway to create stress hormones instead of DHEA and sex hormones.

6) It’s bringing into our conscious awareness all the shit you’re worried about; the brain has a negative bias.

7) It’s draining our energy to create metabolites to attenuate that cellular stress.

8) It’s fucking up our day and the people around us.

I could go on but, I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to see that if you removed red stress, it’s a loooong step in the right direction.

Look after your cellular city, and it will server you well.

Step 1: Eliminate what I call red stress.

Would you like to watch a video covering this?

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