Subconscious Success Quotient Predicts Success

If you think about it for a second, it doesn’t matter what success you want in life, success in the bedroom, in the boardroom or the gym… the game is won in the mind.

The title is anecdotal because success is not something everyone agrees on or knows how to measure.

However, for myself, it’s a very reliable metric because I perform all classes of tests on myself with ONE goal in mind:

Peak human performance. Both physical and cognitive.

There are three metrics I look for

  • It’s must to be repeatable, at least three times
  • All variables MUST controlled for
  • Biomarkers checked when possible
  • A stringent cognitive self-assessment over 12 to 24 hours

That’s how I approach whatever success metric I’m trying to measure and install in the pathways of metabolism or the cortex and subcortical brain regions.

So, with that covered, every success skill you hand over to the subconscious mind, those skills WILL out-compete your insecurities because they are being powered down. Your mindset does an “Auto Upgrade” in the vector of Alpha status.

Because our BIGGEST insecurities are what others think, that is where we start by:

  • Learning how to read their energy at a subconscious level
  • Learning the FIVE domains of destructive people and HOW to outmanoeuvr them

I call this strategic subconscious remodeling.

IMPORTANT points about training:

  • The subconscious learns with repetition, AND it’s a physical remodelling.
  • To increase the physical encoding speed we need trophic support.
  • To increase the cognitive speed we need to segment the day; to train the subconscious autopilot to serve your mission.

Here’s how the Auto Upgrade remodeling takes place:

There is a condition called webbed finger syndrome, and in severe cases, it’s impossible for people with this condition to move one finger without all the fingers moving. They only have a few gross hand motions, predominately gripping.

You might be thinking, what the hell does this have to do with remodeling the subconscious?

EVERYTHING, stick with me here.

Now, if we were to look at the sensory-motor real-estate in the brain of those people, would it look the same as a normal person?

No. In webbed fingered people the neural real-estate mapped for this function operates as a single unit.

What does that mean? Well, with normal people, the brain has its own house, it’s own neural real-estate for each finger. In webbed fingered people they have but one house, one piece of neural real-estate.

Do you think the brain is plastic and adaptive enough to accommodate normal dexterity if they had corrective surgery?

Well, Dr’s performed surgery on these webbed fingered people to separate their fingers. What do you think happened in their brain? Just one week after surgery the brain changed quite nicely, the brain assigned new neural real-estate for each finger, their own house!

So what this demonstrates is profound, neural real-estate that once fired together in tandem, when the fingers were all connected, now began to fire individually. So the brain recognized that those neurons were no longer firing together and therefore, no longer wired together.

What does this mean for us?

It means is you have a higher alpha (success) to insecurity ratio.

Never down play this ratio; you want MORE Alpha (success) Skills than passive attention skills which are collectively: Insecurities or what I like to think as. . . rehearsing to fail skills.

Everything you do is controlled by the most powerful tool you have in your body, your mind. Period.

Whether we like it or not, the Subconscious Mind holds the power, and the Subconscious Success Quotient predicts  performance and Alpha Status.

Alpha and Insecurity skills are learned, and completely different physiological and hormonal states.

Understanding that performance physiology and mindset strength are intimately related is key.

Scientists call the the DHEA Growth Index.

And poor growth index leads to poor subconscious programming and
a poor subconscious success quotient.

This is something you and I inherently possess; for most it’s lying in wait.

Is it time to wake up your inner alpha?

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Mindset is easy when performance physiology is switched on.

This is how you win!

Mark – School4Success

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