Success, Is There a Shortcut? 720 Degree Of Rotation

Whatever success looks like to you, like being a better dad or a better entrepreneur, it all comes down to performance.

Performance is predicated by energy, and energy IS the currency of life, it pays your way.

Realise that your metabolic snapshot right now IS powering biochemistry which IS powering your energy pathways, and so it powers the A-Player in you.

Think about it… when you have energy you’re motivated, driven, feel fantastic and importantly, you’re passionate.

Passion is the biggest predictor of success and it’s predicated on energy. Period!

So, we must do everything in our power to titrate our biochemistry to express that metabolic signature; the A-Player that is energised, driven and passionate!

How do we achieve that is a great question but more importantly, why do we get locked into a C-Player status is a better one!

Well, you’ve heard of the fallen CEO or elite athlete that loses their mind and elite status, right?

That’s C-Player physiology in action because they lose their confidence; their mojo, they’re androgens, and they power up stress hormones to bring out the C-Player.

Then the C-Player gets in their mind: “you can’t do this, you’re no good.”

This pulses over and over in their head, pumping out stress hormones causing adrenal fatigue, energy plummets, and confidence and strength, both physical and cognitive are lost and so are they.

What is the solution?

There are just a couple of things you need to do, and I’m NOT talking about mindset training OR supplements, this is something you can work on now.

Watch the video to see if you can produce 720 degrees of rotation:

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