Remaining calm in the face of adversity is a superpower.

How do you stop the brain from going supanova causing energy and mood malfunctions and also weight gain? If you eliminate what I call “red stress” and then optimise [su_highlight background=”#f4ee03″]”yellow stress (pulsing hormesis)”[/su_highlight], you will become superhuman at the phospholipid bilayer – EXTREME cellular protection and enhanced cellular speed: (Video below explains becoming superhuman […]

Why You Have No Energy And How To Energise Yourself

This is a vLOG, scroll down now to watch the video and get your energy back. OVERVIEW: Energy system malfunction: The kynurenine pathway is diverting energy from mitochondrial energy pathways to create metabolites to attenuate the inflammation. So energy is is being diverted away from mitochondria myocytes (muscles) and performance pathways like androgen production (DHEA […]