Regret, It’s A Vapid Bitch

If you have problems with worrying about what other people think, after watching this video, you fucking won’t! [su_vimeo url=”″ autoplay=”yes”] When we optimise our rented body, that is to optimise the four main hormonal systems, clear out metabolic bottlenecks, AND become metabolically flexible, the 80/20 rule is flipped >> from a cortisol dominant metabolism […]

Are You Wired For Success?

Why is it that what we consciously want, the brain sabotages our efforts with self-doubt and makes us feel inferior, and we’re probably wasting our time? Your brain will avoid anything above survival needs at all costs; it whispers: “Hey, we can do this tomorrow, now’s not a good time.” Or “Hey, this doesn’t feel […]

Are Your Primed To Fail? Now, Nobel Prize winner Danial Kahneman found around 150 cognitive biases. And one is nasty, it’s called the confirmatory bias. It has a couple of dimensions. For example, if someone says to you with a positive demeanour, “Is Jack Friendly?” Now, because his demeanour is of a positive nature, and he asked a positive […]

The 1 Reason Most People Don’t Succeed

Are you trapped in the same job, or maybe the same dysfunctional relationship, or even stuck in the same body because your brain is sabotaging your most important goals? Even though in the past you’ve said… “this time, it’s going to be different… no really, IT WILL BE DIFFERENT! I’m going to win this damn […]

How To Let Go Of Emotional Pain

Have you ever wondered why you find it hard to let go things? Whether that’s a dysfunctional relationship or what someone said about you? Sometimes you feel like an addict going back to that same damn thought, over and over again. You’re sick of it; I get that. I used to face the same problem, […]

Are You Addicted To Your Emotions?

Have you ever wondered why you keep repeating past mistakes or just can’t let go of emotional baggage? Or you might trapped in the same job or the same dysfunctional relationship, or even the same weight? Even though in the past you’ve said… “this time, it’s going to be different… no really, IT WILL BE […]

The Purpose Of Life, Ironically, Is To Find Your Life Purpose And Live It

Chasing happiness for most of us is tied up in other people, things and what we can get. And so, the chemical rush of happiness it produces like motivation is fleeting, it doesn’t last. So we unconsciously attach happiness and motivation to our external world but, it always starts within. The only way to be […]

Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work For You

The Law of attraction works in the quantum field, it opens the field up which allows you to attract to you the means. The people, the resources, opportunities but, it requires action on your part, and operates only on the belief that YOU already have this, now. Most people can bend their mind around this. […]

Michelangelo OR Picasso

[su_youtube_advanced url=”″] If you struggle with mindset and believing greatness is a gift; this video will blow your mind… To become wealthy one must have the ability to think what ones want. To think what ones want’s is a long step in the right direction of wealth. Every person has the inherent ability to think and […]