Why is passion so important?

You hear people talking about passion all the time, so what really is passion? I did some digging in PubMed and found the answer, if you believe in scientific research you’ll love what I have found. It’s a favorable biochemical state for both cognitive and physical performance. But with one added benefit, it profoundly increases […]

Success, Is There a Shortcut? 720 Degree Of Rotation

Whatever success looks like to you, like being a better dad or a better entrepreneur, it all comes down to performance. Performance is predicated by energy, and energy IS the currency of life, it pays your way. Realise that your metabolic snapshot right now IS powering biochemistry which IS powering your energy pathways, and so […]

Are You Wired For Success?

Why is it that what we consciously want, the brain sabotages our efforts with self-doubt and makes us feel inferior, and we’re probably wasting our time? Your brain will avoid anything above survival needs at all costs; it whispers: “Hey, we can do this tomorrow, now’s not a good time.” Or “Hey, this doesn’t feel […]

Are Your Primed To Fail?

https://mark-iron.wistia.com/medias/g3xfrg5gfx Now, Nobel Prize winner Danial Kahneman found around 150 cognitive biases. And one is nasty, it’s called the confirmatory bias. It has a couple of dimensions. For example, if someone says to you with a positive demeanour, “Is Jack Friendly?” Now, because his demeanour is of a positive nature, and he asked a positive […]