The Balance of Power Revealed.

Did you know that we have two brain regions with specific skillsets that power our day: the thoughts we think—the emotions we feel—and the actions we take.

Announcing the President of Success (PoS) the prefrontal cortex (PFC). Research scientists such as Robert Salpoksly, a professor at Stanford University, say that when the PoS has the juice, it delays gratification and chooses to do the harder thing even if it terrifies you — growth and rebirth of the self.

Announcing the President of defence (PoD) the amygdala. Its skill sets include but not limited to worrying about what other people think, feeling anxious or pissy, hesitating, and put things off — preservation and defence of the self.

When the PoD has the juice, it’s automatically rewiring you to become more like it—yikes!

The PoD wired my brain to become skilled at anxiety, panic attacks, performance anxiety and dependence on beer. Oh and wasted 10s of thousands of dollars on hair transplants.

At 16, I started going blad, and that terrified the hell out of me because back in the 80s, BIG HAIR was in lol.

At 21, I got a bitter taste of how powerful the PoD is; it convinced me that to feel attractive to the opposite sex and to be taken seriously, I needed BIG HAIR like Bon Jovi. Guess what I did at 21? I got hair transplants; I did this out of fear, a clear skill of the PoD. Over the next six years, I suffered through many infections and have scarring on my head that I carry as a reminder.

That’s what I call the Balance of Power (BoP) between the two Presidents. We’ll cover this in detail and how to keep the PoS juiced. Stay tuned.

Whichever brain region has the juice, has the power—literally. Scientists have hooked people up to fancy brain scanners showing a massive shift in metabolic rate between the two—meaning there’s an inverse correlation between the resting metabolic rate (the juice) between the PoD and PoS.

In a nutshell, if one goes up, the other goes down, sending oxygenated nutrient-rich blood to that brain region upregulating its unique skills. Not surprisingly, that puts the other brain region mostly offline making you vulnerable to its influence, if it’s the PoD, that isn’t good. This shift also sends growth signals.

Whichever brain region has the juice automatically trains you to be more like its specific skillsets. 
Your job now is to do everything you can to eliminate inappropriate PoD juicing.

Whichever brain region has the juice automatically trains you to be more like its specific skillsets.

Your job now is to do everything you can to eliminate inappropriate PoD juicing.

Guess where there is another BoP and inverse correlation? Yep, DHEA and Cortisol.

In principal 2, we’ll cover DHEA juicing. Stay tuned you don’t want to miss that!

Scientifically speaking, if you’re sending the juice to the PoS, as you should primarily do, first, you’re creating new inhibitory synapses that project to the PoD keeping it calm. Second, you’re enhancing the skills of the PoS.

Imagine that every day, you were adding more and more synapses to the PoS.

The Brain talks and trains through layers.

In Robert Sapolsky’s book, “Behave,” I learned about what he called the three metaphorical layers of the brain. The Triune Brain.

Reptilian—Layer 1: Located at the base of the brain; found in species from humans to cute little penny lizards. This layer takes care of automatic processes such as temperature and breathing. Layer one does lots of boring housekeeping.

Layer one is indirectly influenced by the following two layers.

PoD—Mammalian Brain—Layer 2: Pretty much exclusive to mammals and considered the emotional brain. When you feel emotional or strongly about something, it’s this layer that’s responsible. Layer 2 like layer 1 is also in charge of housekeeping, but hormonal housekeeping producing (a) stress hormones or DHEA and sex hormones, again, there’s an inverse correlation (BoP) between stress and sex hormones. (b) Also creating emotions, gut feelings and snap judgements.

Layer 2 emotionally spices you with the good stuff when your PoS has the juice producing DHEA, sex hormones and feel-good hormones. Spiced just right, people want to be around you and look to you for inspiration.

However, if we sit and think (layer 3) about how we’re not loved, layer 2 then signals layer 1 to generate cravings for comfort food.

More concerning, cortisol and inflammation rise feeding the PoD, thus training you to do more of the same.

Layer two has another issue, defence mode. This layer produces emotions that make us feel our limiting-beliefs, false-fears and fixed-world views. The great news is that false-fears and limiting-beliefs are defeated and modified by the next layer, layer 3.

IMPORTANT: The PoD comes by default skilled-the-hell-up; it does not require further training.

PoS—The Cortex—Layer 3: In layer 3, you can delay gratification and choose to do the right thing in a difficult moment as we know, but realise, it’s that only place you can defeat limiting-beliefs, change world views and overcome false-fears. And that is only possible when layer 3 has the juice and the balance of power. Meaning:

(1) You have more synaptic connections and a higher resting metabolic rate to quicky inhibit defence mode so you can modify and defeat self-defeating feelings that spring from layer 2 juicing the PoD in seconds.

(2) You have no metabolic issues that will take layer 3 offline making it impossible to leverage its skillsets and defeat what’s holding you down.

Keeping the juice at layer 3 means, you are physically creating more inhibitory synapses day after day that keeps layer 2 quiet—thus lower juice levels by default—you are taming the PoD.

Moreover, you are strengthening and enhancing layer 3s specific skills—life starts getting easier because it doesn’t require much effort to keep the juice in layer 3. Ahhh, what a relief! I hope that was a lightbulb moment!

Let’s have a quick look at the skillsets of the PoS we’re most interested in:

Focus, discipline, higher thinking, objective thinking, planning, problem-solving—BIG picture thinking are some of its skills.

However, the three most important to ANY success you want are the following:

(1) Long Game—Delaying gratification and success share a close partnership; many studies show this.

(2) The PoS chooses to the harder and right thing in a difficult moment even if it terrifies you because of the following point.

(3) The PoS inhibits the PoD. Let me repeat this: The PoS INHIBITS the PoD.

(4) The primary role of the PoS: Growth and creation of the self, intelligence included.

If we believe our world is a wonderful and beautiful place full of helpful people, our thoughts, emotions, relationships and entire life will be totally magnificent.

Those are the skills of the PoS working in harmony with the PoD.

Do the above skills look like what we admire most about our heroes, the 1% club, and who we aspire to be?

Understand, you can change your balance of power inhibiting the PoDs need for instant gratification and false-fears, and instead, join the 1% club focusing, planning, and attracting to you the success you want and deserve.

You’re not average, believe that!

The great news is, over a short time, your BoP shifts and accelerates layer 3’s (PoS) growth along with brain size and IQ. Then, you’ll become more curious and a better thinker. Add to that; you can accelerate this process with key brain nutrients further accelerating the speed and growth of the PoS.

IMPORTANT: The PoS has one clear limitation; it uses vast amounts of energy AND needs superior building materials in its cell bilayer to help you work faster and with ease.

Dave Aspery, in his book, “Head Strong,” mentioned that each PoS neuron has around 10,000 mitochondria each, along with the heart and eyes. That should be pointed out is ENORMOUS!

These cells also need superior building materials, and none more important than the speedster docosahexaenoic acid (DHA, an omega-3 fat).

Why? DHA is the cell speedster speeding the cell up. If you lack DHA, Burton Litman, an NIH researcher who has researched DHA for decades, says that you could NOT  become an astronaut or fighter pilot with low amounts of DHA in your cell bilayer, you’re just too slow.

To add another layer of success, you need to increase the resting metabolic rate in the PoS. Why do you need to increase the resting metabolic rate? Because with an increased resting metabolic rate in the PoS, you have (a) more activation potential and (b) expend less brain energy for the same PoS task, and then, the PoS becomes more efficient and faster at skills like insight, creativity and problem-solving.

Moreover, you’re MUCH more likely to start that job, delay gratification and get things done because there’s more juice in the PoS by default.

That is the power of biohacking, upgrading the self, health and intelligence.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, hidden P2s trigger the PoD moving the juice and growth AWAY for the PoS thus your potential. What’s more concerning is that we experience CI and feel like crap making it impossible to think, delay gratification, and as a result, we feel like a loser. As you can now imagine, there’s LOT’S of triggers; however, once eliminated, life gets easy.

Three per cent of the brain’s neurons are created each and every month. Think about it like this. Over a week, where are you sending oxygenated nutrient-rich blood thus growth signals?

More importantly, where do you want to send growth signals, clearly the PoS, and what building materials do you want to use?

Are you in a time in your life where people count on you? Do you want to build a legacy for your family? Well, you don’t want to be over-juicing the PoD as I did. The balance of power is real, and you can move it in the opposite direction upgrading the self, your health and that supercomputer to increase brain size and IQ.

As you know, at 16, I started going bald, and at 21, the PoD gave me crappy advice to “fix” the problem by getting “hair transplants,” and I did. Costing tens of thousands of dollars over six years, and I had to deal with infections and have deep scarring on my head as a result. Following that I developed anxiety—social and performance.

The PoD makes us feel weak and insecure when he’s got too much juice in the short-term, but long-term, we develop the skills of the beast, anxiety or anger.

Okay, but what about fear and social anxiety?

Think about it like this; first, if you have a higher resting metabolic rate in the PoD, by default, you’re going to hesitate and worry about what other people think—physically making the PoD stronger, larger with more juice by default.

Second, the PoD is automatically training you to be more like its skillsets— developing social anxiety, as I did, then becomes a breeze—yikes!

Excitingly, if the metabolic rate is higher in the PoS, and your GISR is too, you’re inhibiting the PoD by default, and becoming skilled at being your own boss. Every day you do this, you get a little stronger.

Want more power? You got it—when you learn how to increase the GISR in principal 2, and activate the one mindset that scientists call “The Winners Effect” in Framework 3 producing DHEA, testosterone and the feel-good hormones with thought alone, will have you loving life! Don’t forget the superior building materials!

Because then, you’ve got the keys to the hormonal kingdom, assisting you in every aspect of life from fat loss to entrepreneurial success.

If you’d like more help, the solution is laid out in steps in my book. You can grab a copy on Amazon.

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